Israel Innovation Authority allocates 30 million shekels for 17 AI projects


  • Israel Innovation Authority invests 30 million shekels in 17 AI projects.
  • Projects aim to enhance AI’s ability to process Hebrew and Arabic languages.
  • Infrastructure development is crucial to bridge linguistic gap.
  • Supported projects include audio information extraction and content filtering.
  • CEO Dror Bin sees this as a pivotal move for AI innovation in Israel.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move to bolster the integration of Hebrew and Arabic languages within AI applications, the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) recently announced a substantial investment. With a commitment of 30 million shekels (equivalent to 7.88 million U.S. dollars), the IIA aims to support 17 pioneering projects.

These projects, carefully selected, are poised to enhance the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in processing both spoken Hebrew and Arabic, as well as databases formulated in these two languages. The objective is to establish a robust infrastructure that will serve as a foundation for the research and development of AI applications demanding proficiency in these languages.

According to the IIA, despite the rapid proliferation of AI applications, the ability to effectively process Hebrew and Arabic significantly lags behind that of more widely utilized languages such as English. To bridge this linguistic gap, the IIA recognizes the pressing need for a comprehensive infrastructure to empower application developers reliant on these languages.

Among the distinguished projects that have received support are a cutting-edge model designed for information extraction from recorded audio, bidirectional translation models tailored specifically for Hebrew and Arabic, a speech-to-text service, and an innovative model geared towards identifying and mitigating harmful content within textual data.

Dr. Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, emphasized the critical nature of this initiative. He stated that it holds the key to unlocking Israel’s distinctive data potential in both Hebrew and Arabic, thereby facilitating the widespread adoption of AI across various industries. This strategic investment is poised to propel innovation to new heights in the nation, reinforcing its position as a global leader in AI technology.


Israel’s substantial investment in advancing AI language integration signifies a strategic move to bridge the gap between Hebrew and Arabic and more widely used languages like English. This initiative is set to empower AI application developers and unlock Israel’s unique data potential, ultimately driving innovation and solidifying its position in the global AI market.