Unveils Cutting-Edge Interplay-AppCoder LLM, Revolutionizing Enterprise Coding Efficiency


  • launches Interplay-AppCoder LLM, a cutting-edge AI model for code generation.
  • This model supports modern code-sets like LangChain and enhances coding methodologies.
  • Interplay-AppCoder LLM outperforms other coding models, including WizardCoder.
  • It offers significant benefits, such as faster software development, code quality assurance, and security.
  • Businesses can gain a competitive edge and improve productivity by automating coding tasks.
  • The global generative AI market is expected to reach $191.8 billion by 2032, with generative AI representing 15% of the total AI market.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven innovation, has taken a momentous leap forward with the launch of Interplay-AppCoder LLM, a pioneering large language model designed to supercharge automated code generation. This game-changing development is set to redefine the way businesses operate, empowering them to harness the full potential of AI applications and gain a decisive edge over their competitors.

Code-generation LLMs have emerged as indispensable tools in the arsenal of software developers, facilitating the integration of AI applications and the optimization of operational processes. Yet, until now, they’ve fallen short in accommodating the latest code-sets like LangChain and staying abreast of cutting-edge coding methodologies.

Enter Interplay-AppCoder LLM, the groundbreaking solution that bridges this gap.

Brian Sathianathan,’s visionary CTO and Co-Founder, shares insights into this milestone achievement: “Our journey into crafting a code generation LLM, powered by state-of-the-art generative AI frameworks and libraries such as YOLO V8, LangChain, and VertexAI, has culminated in Interplay-AppCoder LLM. This remarkable feat was made possible through the meticulous fine-tuning of CodeLlama-7B, 34B, and Wizard Coder-15B, 34B, using a bespoke dataset. Essentially, we are ushering in a new era of code generation tailored for developers to elevate enterprise-level coding to unprecedented heights.

In the realm of coding models, contenders like Meta’s Code Llama and the open-source WizardCoder have made their mark. However, as of mid-October 2023, WizardCoder held sway, outperforming Code Llama in various assessments. The tide has now turned with the debut of Interplay-AppCoder LLM, which surpasses even the formidable WizardCoder.

The creation of Interplay-AppCoder LLM involved the meticulous refinement of CodeLlama-7B, 34B, and Wizard Coder-15B, 34B, leveraging a unique dataset featuring the latest generative AI libraries, including LangChain, YOLO V8, and Vertex AI. The initial release of the Interplay-AppCoder model set an impressive benchmark, scoring significantly higher on the ICE Benchmark, a yardstick focused on utility and functionality:

  • Usefulness – 2.968 out of 4.0 (a remarkable 52% higher than WizardCoder’s 1.825).
  • Functionality – 2.476 out of 4.0 (a staggering 440% higher than WizardCoder’s 0.603).

Developers eager to experience the transformative power of Interplay-AppCoder LLM can explore its capabilities at

Unlocking the Value of Interplay-AppCoder LLM

Iterate’s Interplay-AppCoder promises businesses and software teams a potent tool to accelerate software development while ensuring code quality, akin to having a seasoned developer as a constant companion. Moreover, its deployment on private servers guarantees the utmost security, protecting proprietary work from unwanted exposure. This strategic advantage extends beyond IT departments, impacting every facet of an enterprise’s operations.

Jon Nordmark,’s visionary CEO, asserts, “This isn’t just a concern for CIOs overseeing Generative AI applications; it’s a strategic imperative for digital teams and C-Suites to expedite the delivery of captivating AI-powered applications.”

Implementing Iterate’s latest LLM for code generation yields a substantial reduction in development timelines and resource allocation, translating into significant cost savings and heightened productivity.

Sathianathan emphasizes the game-changing potential: “Businesses can harness Interplay-AppCoder to outpace the competition. To excel in the AI domain, organizations require top-tier tools, and Iterate’s Interplay-AppCoder, the reigning champion, streamlines code generation while embracing the latest models and libraries. By automating coding tasks, businesses free up resources for strategic endeavors, fostering innovation and growth. remains dedicated to surpassing benchmarks and sustaining innovation, essential factors for success in the dynamic AI landscape. Currently, the company is actively developing private LLMs for leading enterprises in the United States and Asia. With the global generative AI market projected to soar to $191.8 billion by 2032, growing at a remarkable CAGR of 34.1% from 2023 to 2032, the significance of generative AI is set to encompass approximately 15% of the total AI market.


The introduction of Interplay-AppCoder LLM by marks a significant advancement in AI-powered code generation for enterprises. This model’s capabilities in supporting modern coding practices and outperforming competitors like WizardCoder will empower businesses to streamline development, enhance code quality, and gain a competitive advantage. As the generative AI market continues to grow, embracing innovative solutions like Interplay-AppCoder is crucial for staying ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.