Kaiser Permanente’s New Initiative Grants Funding for AI in Healthcare


  • Kaiser Permanente launches AIM-HI, an AI and machine learning program.
  • The program grants funding to three to five health systems, up to $750,000 each.
  • AIM-HI aims to improve diagnoses and patient outcomes using AI and ML.
  • Applications for the program are due June 30, with a review by a national advisory committee and Kaiser Permanente experts.
  • Selected organizations will receive support from Kaiser over a two-year grant period.
  • Dr. Vincent Liu, the principal investigator of AIM-HI, aims to demonstrate the positive impact of AI in healthcare and develop best practices.
  • The program seeks to cut through the hype around AI and enhance AI/ML deployment in diverse healthcare settings.

Main AI News:

Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente, through its subsidiary, The Permanente Medical Group, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative designed to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the healthcare sector. The program, known as the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research Augmented Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare Initiative (AIM-HI) Coordinating Center, aims to propel the advancement of diagnostics and enhance patient outcomes using cutting-edge technologies.

As stated in a press release dated May 17, AIM-HI will be providing financial support to three to five distinguished health systems, offering them grants of up to $750,000. These organizations will be selected based on their innovative use of AI and ML methodologies to drive significant improvements in patient diagnoses and overall healthcare delivery. Kaiser Permanente, with its vast expertise and resources, is committed to fostering the development and adoption of these technologies to revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

Interested health systems are invited to submit their applications before the June 30 deadline. The submissions will undergo a rigorous evaluation process led by a distinguished national advisory committee and a panel of experts from Kaiser Permanente. Once the selection process is complete, the chosen organizations will receive comprehensive support and guidance from Kaiser Permanente throughout the two-year grant period.

Dr. Vincent Liu, the esteemed principal investigator of AIM-HI, emphasized the program’s mission to validate the substantial potential of AI in healthcare and dispel any misconceptions or hype surrounding the technology. “We’re aiming to cut through the buzz around AI in healthcare to prove the promise and positive impact of this exciting technology for improving patient outcomes,” Dr. Liu stated in the press release. In addition to advancing algorithmic research, the AIM-HI program will establish best practices and enhance the deployment of AI/ML solutions across diverse healthcare settings.


The launch of the Kaiser Permanente AIM-HI program signifies a significant development in the market, particularly within the healthcare sector. By providing substantial funding and support to health systems utilizing AI and machine learning, Kaiser Permanente is fostering innovation and driving advancements in diagnostics and patient outcomes. This initiative not only demonstrates the growing importance of AI in healthcare but also creates opportunities for technology providers and solution developers to cater to the increasing demand for AI-driven solutions in diverse healthcare settings.

The AIM-HI program sets the stage for further integration of AI and ML in the market, encouraging collaborations and best practice development, ultimately leading to improved healthcare services and outcomes for patients. Businesses operating in the healthcare technology space should closely monitor and leverage the opportunities arising from this progressive market shift.