Klear.ai, a leader in AI insurance software, collaborates with Georgia Administrative Services in a strategic partnership


  • Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. (GAS) and Klear.ai form a strategic alliance.
  • Klear.ai’s Advanced Analytics platform is integrated into GAS’s operations.
  • Collaboration aims to enhance customer service, claims management, and more.
  • Data analytics and intelligent automation are at the core of the partnership.
  • GAS is positioned to deliver exceptional third-party administration services.
  • Klear.ai’s cutting-edge SaaS platform offers native AI insurance software solutions.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move that underscores their commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology, Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. (GAS) has formed a dynamic alliance with Klear.ai, a pioneer in AI-driven insurance software solutions. As a distinguished authority in third-party administration services for Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance Programs, GAS is poised to revolutionize its operational landscape through this partnership.

Central to this collaboration is the integration of Klear.ai’s Advanced Analytics platform and complementary software into GAS’s acclaimed customer service and claims management frameworks, among other service domains. The convergence of Klear.ai’s technology and GAS’s expertise is primed to enhance operational efficiencies, spur insightful outcomes, and infuse a layer of intelligent automation.

By infusing data analytics with cognitive, collaborative capabilities, Klear.ai and Georgia Administrative Services are forging a transformative path. This strategic union mirrors Klear.ai’s commitment to driving operational excellence and innovation while harmonizing seamlessly with GAS’s customer-centric ethos and vigilant cost management practices.

Amy Salmon, the Chief Operating Officer of Georgia Administrative Services Inc., effused her anticipation of the partnership: “Our anticipation knows no bounds as we join hands with Klear.ai to amplify our prowess in claims management and data analysis. Their AI insurance software solutions have unequivocally outshone other analytical tools in the market. With these tools at our disposal, we are poised to offer deeper analytics, thereby expediting our services, mitigating injury impacts, and forging cost-effective resolutions for our esteemed clientele.”

Echoing Salmon’s enthusiasm, Brijesh Kumar, the Chief Executive Officer of Klear.ai, exclaimed, “Our excitement is palpable as we collaboratively set foot into a new era with GAS Our state-of-the-art SaaS platform, infused with native AI insurance software solutions, stands as a beacon of modernity and security. GAS is now empowered to further broaden its horizons in delivering unparalleled third-party administration services and pioneering insurance management solutions.”

The synergy with Klear.ai stands as a pivotal juncture in GAS’s unwavering pursuit of innovative, client-centric solutions. The strategic amalgamation of Klear.ai’s platform and complementary software positions GAS to perpetuate its legacy of exceptional service and tailor-made claims and risk management resolutions.


The collaboration between GAS and Klear.ai signifies a profound shift in the insurance landscape. The infusion of advanced analytics and intelligent automation is poised to revolutionize customer service, claims management, and operational efficiency. This partnership sets a new standard for industry innovation, underlining the potential for data-driven solutions to reshape the market and elevate the quality of service across the board.