Kontakt.io Secures $47.5 Million Investment from Goldman Sachs to Propel AI Advancements and US Hospital Expansion

  • Kontakt.io secures a $47.5 million investment led by Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.
  • The investment aims to fuel AI advancements and expansion into US hospitals.
  • Kontakt.io offers Inpatient Journey Analytics solutions to optimize patient, staff, and resource flows in healthcare settings.
  • The company utilizes AI, IoT, and cloud technology to provide real-time location data and streamline hospital workflows.
  • Notable healthcare institutions like HCA, the VA, Mercy Health, and others have seen significant improvements in efficiency and ROI with Kontakt.io’s platform.
  • Christian Resch from Goldman Sachs will join Kontakt.io’s Board of Directors to advise on future growth strategies.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move poised to redefine healthcare dynamics, Kontakt.io has successfully secured a substantial investment totaling $47.5 million, spearheaded by Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. This injection of capital stands as a pivotal moment for Kontakt.io, fueling its mission to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions within the healthcare landscape.

Kontakt.io stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, offering unparalleled Inpatient Journey Analytics solutions. Through this investment, the company is poised to fortify its position in empowering health systems with transformative capabilities, enhancing patient outcomes, staff efficiency, and operational fluidity. Leveraging cutting-edge AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud technologies, Kontakt.io provides real-time location data, streamlining the orchestration of staff, equipment, and clinical spaces throughout the patient’s care journey.

The infusion of capital will not only drive the expansion of Kontakt.io’s groundbreaking solutions but also pave the path for an era of operational excellence in clinical care delivery. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies into hospital workflows, Kontakt.io is poised to address the pressing need for enhanced efficiency, safety, and coordination within healthcare facilities.

Noteworthy healthcare institutions, including HCA, the VA, Mercy Health, North East Georgia Health System, Trinity Health, and the NHS, have already reaped the benefits of Kontakt.io’s innovative platform. Their experiences underscore the tangible improvements in patient and employee satisfaction, alongside substantial returns on investment driven by operational efficiencies.

Amidst the escalating challenges of rising costs, operational complexities, and staff turnover plaguing the healthcare sector, the pursuit of operational excellence has emerged as a paramount concern for hospitals nationwide. Notably, failures in hospital care delivery have resulted in staggering annual wastage of approximately $300 billion in the US alone, highlighting the urgent need for transformative solutions.

Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management stands committed to investing in high-growth ventures boasting robust market positioning and sustainable business models. As a testament to this commitment, Christian Resch, a partner at Goldman Sachs, is slated to join Kontakt.io’s esteemed Board of Directors, offering invaluable insights to propel the company’s next phase of growth.

Philipp von Gilsa, CEO of Kontakt.io, emphasized, “Clinical staff, the key asset of health systems, must be freed to focus on their single most important job: providing patient care.” He further articulated that the partnership with Goldman Sachs will empower Kontakt.io to further augment its AI capabilities, optimizing care delivery resources and processes, thereby recentering the focus on staff and patients alike.

Echoing this sentiment, Christian Resch, Partner in Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, lauded Kontakt.io’s unparalleled value proposition in tackling healthcare’s foremost challenges. He remarked, “Kontakt.io creates exceptional value for its clients by addressing two of healthcare’s current great challenges: Reducing costs and freeing up the time of nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff.” Resch highlighted the company’s exemplary track record and immense potential, expressing eagerness to collaborate in accelerating Kontakt.io’s expansion and bolstering its product portfolio to new heights of success.


Kontakt.io’s substantial investment from Goldman Sachs underscores the growing recognition of the critical role AI and IoT play in revolutionizing healthcare operations. This infusion of capital not only propels Kontakt.io’s expansion into US hospitals but also signals a broader trend of increased investment and innovation in healthcare technology. As healthcare facilities strive to enhance operational efficiency and patient outcomes, Kontakt.io is poised to take charge of delivering transformative solutions that address the sector’s most pressing challenges.