Kotozna Unveils ConcierGPT: Revolutionizing Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry


  • Kotozna introduces ConcierGPT, an AI-powered communication service for the hospitality industry.
  • ConcierGPT combines LLM (Large Language Model) evolution and Kotozna’s technology for operational efficiency and exceptional hospitality.
  • Unique prompt engineering technology enables personalized and contextually aware dialogue.
  • The system’s accuracy is enhanced by the latest “GPT-4” technology.
  • Trials for full implementation are underway at Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.
  • CEO Genri Goto envisions ConcierGPT revolutionizing customer service and expanding to other industries.

Main AI News:

Kotozna, a leading company in digital transformation solutions, has introduced its latest innovation, ConcierGPT, a state-of-the-art interactive communication service designed specifically for the hospitality and service industry. Powered by cutting-edge GPT-4 technology, this multilingual AI concierge is set to redefine the way hotels and businesses provide customer service.

In response to the pressing challenges faced by the industry during the pandemic, Kotozna has combined its expertise in Large Language Models (LLM) with advanced technology to develop ConcierGPT. This groundbreaking solution offers a perfect balance of operational efficiency and exceptional hospitality, addressing the need for seamless communication in a rapidly evolving landscape.

One of the key highlights of ConcierGPT is its ability to handle highly contextual inquiries with precision and warmth. By leveraging a proprietary database and employing unique prompt engineering techniques, the system can provide specific and personalized responses to even the most intricate questions. With the integration of the latest “GPT-4” technology, the accuracy and effectiveness of the system are further enhanced, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

The initial testing phase for ConcierGPT has already commenced at the prestigious Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa. By deploying the system in a real-world environment, Kotozna aims to fine-tune its capabilities and gather valuable insights to deliver unparalleled customer service across the industry.

The development of ConcierGPT builds upon Kotozna’s previous successes in multilingual communication tools for accommodation facilities. Through offerings like “Kotozna In-room” and “Kotozna laMondo,” the company has pioneered multilingualization and digital transformation, empowering numerous service providers to enhance their guest experiences.

ConcierGPT stands out with its unique ability to learn from diverse data sources, including Kotozna’s In-room database and external repositories, allowing it to provide comprehensive information about room services, amenities, and more. By leveraging prompt engineering technology, the system creates an interactive experience that closely resembles an actual conversation with a knowledgeable front desk staff member.

Gone are the days when chatbots required users to provide explicit instructions and extensive background information. ConcierGPT’s advanced capabilities enable it to comprehend the context of questions, eliminating the need for excessive clarifications. Whether guests inquire about room types or inquire about policies regarding children, ConcierGPT’s intuitive understanding and responsiveness deliver a seamless customer experience.

Genri Goto, the visionary CEO of Kotozna, expressed his excitement about the transformative potential of ChatGPT4, which inspired the development of ConcierGPT. Recognizing its groundbreaking capabilities, Goto envisioned a future where human-computer interactions would be revolutionized, akin to the advent of the Internet. Kotozna’s relentless pursuit of excellence in digital concierge services has culminated in ConcierGPT—a solution that surpasses the limitations of AI chatbots and offers service quality on par with skilled human professionals.

Initially focused on providing reservation support to the hospitality industry, ConcierGPT is poised to expand its reach and cater to a wide range of hotel operations. Kotozna envisions a future where the platform offers high-quality, multilingual customer service across various industries, setting new benchmarks for knowledge, hospitality, and communication capabilities.


The launch of Kotozna’s ConcierGPT signifies a significant advancement in the hospitality industry’s customer service capabilities. By leveraging advanced technology, the system offers operational efficiency, personalized interactions, and seamless communication. With its potential to expand beyond the hospitality sector, ConcierGPT has the power to transform customer service in various industries, setting new standards for knowledge, hospitality, and multilingual capabilities. This innovation presents lucrative opportunities for businesses to enhance guest experiences and gain a competitive edge in the market.