KPMG appointed David Rowlands as Global Head of AI and introduced the KPMG Trusted AI framework


  • KPMG appoints David Rowlands as Global Head of AI, emphasizing commitment to AI innovation.
  • Launches KPMG Trusted AI framework to ensure responsible AI transformation.
  • Rowlands aims to empower KPMG firms with emerging AI technologies for client engagement and employee experience enhancement.
  • Collaboration with experts across the organization to drive global AI innovation.
  • Focus on designing, developing, and deploying AI-powered services to address clients’ challenges.
  • The governance framework encompasses fairness, transparency, accountability, and sustainability.
  • Rowlands envisions KPMG as a leader in AI through responsible integration.

Main AI News:

In a decisive move that underscores KPMG International’s commitment to AI innovation, the organization has named David Rowlands as its Global Head of AI. This strategic appointment follows KPMG’s launch of the KPMG Trusted AI framework, a pivotal step towards ensuring a responsible and ethical approach to AI transformation.

David Rowlands, formerly the UK Head of Consulting for KPMG, steps into this newly created role with a mission to drive KPMG’s AI strategy to new heights. His mandate is clear: harness the potential of emerging AI technologies to revolutionize client engagements and empower KPMG member firms. Rowlands envisions a future where AI enhances productivity, fosters sustainable growth, and creates a better future for individuals, businesses, and society at large.

Collaboration and Coordination at the Heart of AI Transformation

Rowlands will work closely with specialists from around the world, leveraging KPMG’s global reach and expertise to implement the AI strategy effectively. Together with professionals from audit, tax, and advisory backgrounds, he aims to spearhead innovation on a global scale. This entails designing, developing, and deploying cutting-edge AI-powered services to address clients’ most pressing challenges, all while ensuring the integration of AI into every facet of the enterprise.

A Framework Rooted in Responsibility and Trust

Integral to Rowlands’ mission is the KPMG Trusted AI framework, a comprehensive guide consisting of ten pillars. These pillars encompass principles such as fairness, transparency, explainability, accountability, data integrity, reliability, security, safety, privacy, and sustainability. By adhering to this robust governance framework, KPMG aims to design, build, deploy, and use AI technology responsibly and ethically, all while accelerating value for clients, employees, and communities.

A Proven Leader at the Helm

Before taking on the role of Global Head of AI at KPMG International, David Rowlands served as the Head of Consulting for KPMG in the UK, playing a pivotal role in the UK Executive Committee and the Global Advisory Steering Group. Rowlands’ vision for the future lies in the responsible integration of AI, where human ingenuity and industry expertise unite with the power and scale of AI programs.

Positioning KPMG as an AI Leader

With his eyes set firmly on the horizon, Rowlands aspires to position KPMG as a leader in AI. Through responsible AI adoption and collaboration on a global scale, he believes that KPMG can fully harness the transformative power of AI, ushering in a new era of innovation, growth, and excellence.

In David Rowlands, KPMG has found a visionary leader to spearhead its AI strategy and lead the charge into an AI-powered future, where ethics, responsibility, and innovation walk hand in hand.


KPMG’s strategic appointment of David Rowlands as Global Head of AI and the introduction of the KPMG Trusted AI framework mark a significant step towards responsible AI transformation. This move positions KPMG as a leader in AI innovation and governance, fostering a promising future in the AI market by prioritizing ethics, transparency, and sustainable growth.