LegalFly Secures €2M in Seed Funding for AI LegalTech Expansion


  • Belgian legaltech startup LegalFly has successfully raised €2 million in a Seed funding round.
  • LegalFly offers an AI copilot tailored for legal teams, leveraging cutting-edge technology and exclusive legal data partnerships.
  • Notably, it anonymizes all legal documents, ensuring top-tier data security for on-premise use.
  • Clients report a 60% reduction in contract review and drafting time with LegalFly’s AI copilot.
  • The company has rapidly onboarded law firms and corporations in the UK, France, and Benelux since its beta launch in June.
  • The funding round was led by Redalpine, with support from Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product at Google DeepMind.

Main AI News:

In a significant development, LegalFly, a Belgian legaltech startup, has announced the successful closure of its Seed funding round, amassing an impressive €2 million. LegalFly stands at the forefront of the legal industry with its innovative artificial intelligence copilot designed explicitly for legal teams. This groundbreaking technology seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI with exclusive legal data sourced from strategic partnerships, ushering in a new era of legal efficiency and security.

One of the paramount features of LegalFly’s offering is its robust anonymization of all legal documents, ensuring unparalleled data security for on-premise use. This represents a game-changing advancement for law firms, empowering them to elevate their legal efficiency across various domains, including litigation, contract review, and drafting.

Clients who have embraced LegalFly’s AI copilot have reported a remarkable 60 percent reduction in contract review and drafting time. Beyond mere efficiency gains, LegalFly is fostering a vibrant community of forward-thinking legal professionals eager to harness the power of AI in their practices.

Since its beta launch in June, LegalFly has been rapidly onboarding numerous law firms and corporations across the United Kingdom, France, and Benelux, with a substantial waiting list of over 100 prospective clients eagerly anticipating its services.

Ruben Miessen, CEO of LegalFly, shared his vision for the company, saying, “Our mission is to empower legal teams within law firms and corporate counsels, enhancing every facet of their professional journey through our AI-driven Copilot. Our unwavering product-first approach, honed through our experiences at Tinder and Match Group, compels us to develop solutions tailored precisely to meet user needs.”

This successful funding round was spearheaded by Redalpine, with Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product at Google DeepMind, making a noteworthy contribution, underscoring the AI industry’s unwavering confidence in LegalFly’s mission.

Sebastian Becker, General Partner at Redalpine and a newly appointed board member, lauded LegalFly’s exceptional technical team and their standout product, highlighting their remarkable customer engagement and effective go-to-market strategy. He emphasized that LegalFly is ideally positioned to lead the way in the rapidly evolving legal sector.

Mehdi Ghissassi expressed his excitement about joining LegalFly’s journey, commending the team’s focus on understanding and addressing user pain points. He remarked, “Their ability to craft intelligent, custom-built tools holds immense promise for empowering legal teams. The potential for product-driven growth and engineering excellence to enhance user experiences is truly exhilarating.”

This infusion of seed funding will empower LegalFly to expedite the development and deployment of its solutions, expand its business operations to the United States, and introduce its transformative product to a broader customer base.


LegalFly’s successful fundraising underscores the growing demand for AI-driven solutions in the legal industry. With its innovative AI copilot and substantial reduction in contract-related workloads, LegalFly is well-positioned to lead the legaltech sector’s evolution, potentially revolutionizing how legal teams operate and enhancing overall efficiency. This funding will further accelerate their expansion and product development, making them a key player to watch in the legaltech market.