Lilli’s AI-powered home care solution secures £8.2M in funding 


  • Lilli, a lifestyle monitoring company, raises £8.2 million in Series A financing, exceeding its target by 37%.
  • The funding brings the company’s total to £12.7 million, fueling its pioneering AI-driven home care system.
  • Lilli’s technology shifts care models from reactive to proactive, leveraging AI and machine learning for insightful monitoring.
  • The platform shows promising results, with evidence indicating significant cost savings and improved health outcomes.
  • Investors, led by West Hill Capital, express confidence in Lilli’s potential to revolutionize social care delivery.
  • The funding will support Lilli’s expansion efforts, including deeper AI integration and the launch of a family-focused app version.

Main AI News:

In a significant development for the lifestyle monitoring sector, Lilli has successfully secured £8.2 million in Series A financing, surpassing its initial target by 37 percent. This latest injection of capital brings the company’s total funding to £12.7 million, signaling a strong endorsement of its innovative approach to home care.

Lilli stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive care models. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning (LLM) technologies, Lilli’s system passively observes user behaviors and trends, empowering care providers with invaluable insights into individual well-being and household dynamics. By facilitating informed decision-making, Lilli enables early detection of behavioral changes, thus preventing the escalation of health issues and reducing reliance on hospital care.

The impact of Lilli’s technology is already evident across the UK’s health and social care landscape, with local councils reporting substantial benefits. Organizations adopting Lilli’s solution can anticipate savings of up to £9 for every £1 invested, along with significant increases in carer hours and accelerated hospital discharge rates by up to 16 days. Looking ahead, independent economic analyses forecast that by 2035, Lilli’s platform could deliver the equivalent value of employing an additional 10,000 full-time carers in the UK.

Today’s funding round, spearheaded by West Hill Capital, marks a pivotal moment in Lilli’s journey. The influx of capital will fuel the company’s expansion efforts, facilitating its mission to empower individuals to live safely and independently in their homes for extended periods.

Furthermore, the funding will facilitate deeper explorations into AI-driven insights and reporting capabilities, while also paving the way for the launch of a friends and family version of the Lilli app. Gren Paull, CEO of Lilli, expressed his enthusiasm for the future, stating, “This latest financing empowers Lilli to accelerate its mission of extending the benefits of remote monitoring to a broader audience, both domestically and internationally.”

Amidst a documented crisis in the care sector, Lilli’s success has resonated strongly with investors, underscoring the potential of its technology to address pressing challenges faced by local governments. Mark Hickson, Managing Partner at West Hill Capital, emphasized the transformative potential of Lilli’s digital healthcare platform, highlighting its ability to drive productivity gains and cost savings for authorities and healthcare providers alike.


Lilli’s substantial funding success underscores the growing demand for innovative solutions in the home care sector. With its AI-driven platform, Lilli is well-positioned to address critical challenges faced by healthcare providers and local authorities, offering cost-effective, proactive care options. This signifies a shift towards technology-driven approaches to caregiving, heralding a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in the market.