Lithuania’s Unmanned Defense Systems Lands €3.2M for AI-Driven Swarm Drones

  • UDS secures €3.2M investment to advance AI-driven swarm drones for modern warfare.
  • Diverse UAV fleet includes reconnaissance, loitering munition, and FPV drones.
  • Leadership includes Vytenis Buzas and Ernestas Kalabuckas, contributing €1.1M personally.
  • Team comprises experts in aerodynamics, electronics, and physics, with a passion for aiding Ukraine.
  • Coinvest Capital leads a €1.6M investment round, backed by business angels and international investors.
  • Investment targets development of proprietary swarm technologies and strengthening NATO’s military capacity.

Main AI News:

In a move to propel its AI-driven swarm drones to the forefront of modern warfare, Lithuanian innovator Unmanned Defense Systems (UDS) has secured a substantial €3.2M investment. This funding injection is earmarked for scaling up battle-tested UAVs and advancing integration with contemporary battlefield management systems, cementing UDS’s position as a key player in defense technology advancement.

UDS boasts a diverse fleet of UAVs, including reconnaissance drones like the Partisan, loitering munition, and FPV drones, catering to a spectrum of defense needs. Its track record of success includes winning multiple defense procurement tenders and supplying solutions not only to the Lithuanian and Ukrainian armed forces but also to other EU members and NATO allies.

Fueling this endeavor is a formidable team led by luminaries Vytenis Buzas and Ernestas Kalabuckas, who personally contribute €1.1 million to the cause. Buzas, renowned for his role in creating Lithuania’s first satellite, “Lituanica SAT-1,” alongside his space mission leadership, is nominated Executive Chairman of the Board. Kalabuckas, named “Lithuanian CTO of the Year 2022,” assumes the mantle of incoming CTO. Their vision is clear: to showcase Lithuania’s prowess in high-tech military UAV development and to support Ukraine in its struggle through technological innovation.

The synergy within the team is palpable, comprising experts in aerodynamics, electronics, and physics, who also hold titles as world champions in sports gliding and radio-controlled planes. Their collective drive is underscored by a shared commitment to aiding Ukraine in its fight against aggression.

UDS’s vision resonates with investors, as evidenced by Coinvest Capital’s co-leadership of a €1.6M investment round. Coupled with contributions from business angels and an angel syndicate of 41 private investors, this funding round underscores the confidence in UDS’s mission and potential. Notable backers include members of the Lithuanian Business Angel Network, alongside international investors with dual-use sector expertise.

The significance of UDS’s drones in modern warfare cannot be overstated. As Minister of Defense Laurynas Kasčiūnas asserts, Lithuania must remain agile in adopting cutting-edge technology to bolster its defense capabilities. Viktorija Trimbel, Managing Director at Coinvest Capital, emphasizes the strategic alignment of their mission with defense innovation needs, backed by patient capital and a commitment to supporting dual-use technologies.

Giedrimas Jeglinskas, a former NATO official and Vice-minister of Defense of Lithuania, recognizes UDS’s drones as emblematic of the evolving nature of warfare. With NATO’s endorsement of a common “drone” doctrine, UDS is poised to thrive not only within NATO but also in global markets.

The infusion of capital will drive UDS’s continued development of proprietary swarm technologies, enhancing drone autonomy and coordination, and fortifying NATO’s military readiness for the challenges of 21st-century warfare.


UDS’s successful funding round signifies growing investor confidence in the potential of AI-driven swarm drones for modern warfare. This investment not only supports UDS’s mission but also underscores the increasing importance of defense innovation in today’s dynamic market. As UDS continues to develop cutting-edge technologies and strengthen military capabilities, it is poised to make significant contributions to the defense sector, both domestically and internationally.