London-based TitanML raises $2.8 million in Pre-Seed funding for its AI deployment tool, Titan Takeoff


  • London-based AI startup TitanML raises $2.8 million in Pre-Seed funding round.
  • Launches Titan Takeoff, an AI-powered tool for seamless large language model (LLM) deployment.
  • Funding led by Octopus Ventures with participation from angel investors in deeptech.
  • Titan Takeoff aims to simplify and accelerate LLM deployment for machine learning teams.
  • Founded in 2021 from a University College London research project.
  • TitanML boasts partnerships with industry giants like Intel and AWS, reporting significant cost reductions and latency improvements.

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In a significant milestone for London-based AI startup TitanML, the company recently closed a successful Pre-Seed funding round, raising a substantial $2.8 million. TitanML’s core innovation, Titan Takeoff, an AI-powered tool designed to expedite large language model (LLM) deployment, is poised to reshape the landscape of artificial intelligence implementation.

This funding round, spearheaded by Octopus Ventures, garnered enthusiastic support from various angel investors who are deeply committed to advancing deeptech. Titan Takeoff addresses the intricate challenges that arise when organizations embrace AI, offering an enterprise-ready solution that promises to streamline LLM deployment, rendering it “faster, more cost-effective, and less cumbersome for machine learning teams.

The founding team, composed of Dr. James Dborin, Meryem Arik, and Dr. Fergus Finn, embarked on this venture in 2021, stemming from a postdoctoral research project at University College London. Their collective vision centers on resolving the multifaceted issues confronted by machine learning teams during the deployment of AI models, ranging from GPU shortages to privacy concerns linked to third-party platforms like OpenAI.

We’re revolutionizing what was once the most arduous phase of the development cycle into a seamless and efficient process. This is precisely where our flagship product, Takeoff, shines,” affirms Arik, underscoring the transformative potential of Titan Takeoff.

Notably, TitanML has forged formidable partnerships with industry giants such as Intel and AWS, a testament to its name and the influential circles it frequents. The startup asserts a remarkable 90 percent reduction in compute costs and astounding 20-fold latency improvements within a matter of hours after deployment, as attested by enterprises that have adopted their technology.

Mat Munro, an Investor at Octopus Ventures’ Deep Tech Team, lauds TitanML’s prowess, stating, “TitanML empowers businesses to significantly curtail the processing demands of high-specification models swiftly, cost-effectively, and with minimal compromises, thereby unlocking the full potential of these cutting-edge technologies.”


TitanML’s successful funding round and the launch of Titan Takeoff mark a significant development in the AI market. Their innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize AI deployment, reducing costs and improving efficiency. The company’s strategic partnerships with industry leaders further bolster its position in the market, making TitanML a key player to watch in the evolving landscape of AI implementation.