LOOP Insurance partners with Quiq to introduce an AI Assistant


  • LOOP Insurance partners with Quiq to introduce an AI Assistant, powered by Large Language Models (LLM).
  • The AI Assistant triples customer self-service rates, reduces email support volume by 55%, and maintains high customer satisfaction.
  • LOOP Insurance disrupts the auto insurance industry with equitable pricing and extends this disruption to customer service.
  • The AI Assistant handles complex queries, offering personalized answers and accommodating multiple questions.
  • Quiq ensures accuracy by utilizing LOOP’s proprietary knowledge.
  • LOOP Auto Insurance witnesses a 3X surge in self-service resolution, automating over 50% of customer inquiries.
  • Quiq pioneers LLM-powered AI customer service in the market.
  • The market is shifting towards AI-driven customer service with a forecasted $7 billion increase in AI spending, highlighting the significance of this development.

Main AI News:

In the rapidly evolving landscape of customer service, LOOP Insurance is making waves with its cutting-edge approach. The company has partnered with Quiq, a trailblazing conversational customer experience (CCX) platform, to introduce a customer-facing AI Assistant. This AI Assistant, built on Large Language Models (LLM), the same AI technology that underpins ChatGPT, has already delivered remarkable results.

Tripling Customer Self-Service Rates LOOP Insurance’s AI Assistant has transformed the way customers interact with the company. It has tripled the number of customers who can now obtain quick and accurate answers to their inquiries, far surpassing the capabilities of LOOP’s previous chatbot. Additionally, it has reduced email support volume by a staggering 55%, all while maintaining customer satisfaction levels on par with human assistance.

Breaking Barriers in Auto Insurance LOOP Insurance is known for its disruptive approach to auto insurance, offering fair and equitable pricing that doesn’t discriminate based on gender, marital status, or credit score. Now, they’re applying the same disruptive mindset to customer service by harnessing the power of AI. This ensures that LOOP’s customers not only enjoy fair rates but also receive exceptional customer support.

AI-Powered Self-Service Beyond Expectations What sets LOOP’s AI Assistant apart is its ability to handle complex queries effectively. Unlike earlier generations of chatbots that provided static and often inadequate responses, this AI Assistant leverages Quiq’s advanced language understanding capabilities and the LLM’s prowess to generate personalized answers. It can precisely match a customer’s inquiry, even when multiple questions are involved.

Achieving Accuracy with Quiq The success of LOOP’s Assistant can be attributed to Quiq’s innovative approach. While ChatGPT is known to sometimes produce inaccurate responses, Quiq has mitigated this risk by using only LOOP’s proprietary knowledge. This ensures that LOOP’s customers consistently receive accurate and up-to-date information.

The Future of Customer Self-Service Since the introduction of the AI Assistant, LOOP Auto Insurance has witnessed a remarkable 3X increase in self-service resolutions, with over 50% of customer questions now being handled by AI. While the potential of Large Language Models to automate customer service with human-like quality has long been recognized, Quiq is the first to demonstrate this potential in practice.

Commenting on this transformative development, LOOP Co-Founder and Co-CEO John Henry stated, “Quiq’s Generative AI Assistant is helping us enhance the quality of our customer experience while simultaneously boosting our efficiency as we expand into new geographical areas.” Quiq CEO and Founder, Mike Myer, added, “This is an exciting time as we embark on a journey to reimagine customer service based on the incredible advancements in AI. With Gartner forecasting a $7 billion increase in AI spending for customer service in the coming years, we are proud to be the first in the market with an LLM-powered AI customer-facing solution.”


The partnership between LOOP Insurance and Quiq, resulting in a highly efficient AI Assistant, reflects a significant shift in the market towards AI-driven customer service. This innovative solution not only improves customer experience but also sets a standard for the industry as businesses increasingly invest in AI to enhance customer support and operational efficiency.