Lunar, a Danish neobank, trials a voice-enabled AI chatbot voiced by its CEO

  • Danish neobank Lunar pioneers voice-enabled AI chatbot with CEO’s voice.
  • LunarGPT assists staff with internal queries, leveraging AI for productivity.
  • Lunar utilizes generative AI in marketing and engineering for efficiency.
  • LunarMind AI chatbot aids customer service, with plans for customer integration.
  • An upcoming tool powered by LunarMind offers personalized financial advice.
  • CEO suggests AI adoption may impact workforce growth plans.

Main AI News:

Danish neobank Lunar is pioneering the future of banking with an innovative approach: a voice-enabled AI-powered chatbot, with none other than the CEO lending it a voice. This groundbreaking experiment is part of Lunar’s broader embrace of AI technology, aimed at boosting productivity and efficiency across the organization.

Kåre Kjelstrøm, Lunar’s CTO, explains that the bank, boasting over 850,000 customers in the Nordics, sees AI as integral to maximizing its workforce’s potential. Lunar has developed LunarGPT, a proprietary version of ChatGPT, tailored for its 450-strong staff. This tool is not just a repository of information but a virtual assistant trained on internal materials, ready to assist with queries ranging from product details to presentation tips.

But Lunar doesn’t stop there. Beyond internal operations, they harness the power of AI in marketing and engineering. Generative AI is employed to create captivating visuals for presentations, while AI aids engineers in writing more efficient code. Moreover, LunarMind, an AI-powered chatbot, stands ready to support customer service agents, with potential plans to integrate it directly into customer interactions.

Excitingly, Lunar is on the verge of launching a groundbreaking tool aimed at enhancing customer financial wellbeing. This tool, powered by LunarMind, offers users personalized financial advice and assistance, akin to Bunq’s innovative chatbot Finn. What’s more, Lunar has even experimented with a voice-enabled version of the chatbot, providing users with a seamless conversational experience.

Yet, amidst these technological advancements, Lunar remains cognizant of the impact on its workforce. Kjelstrøm suggests that AI adoption may temper previous plans for rapid headcount growth, as automation streamlines processes and tasks.

However, not all voices in the industry share the same enthusiasm for AI’s current trajectory. Philip Belamant, CEO of UK BNPL firm Zilch, questions the true innovation behind much of today’s AI implementations. He challenges the notion that optimizing communication channels with AI constitutes a significant breakthrough, advocating instead for a focus on predictive AI models that anticipate customer behavior.

As Lunar and other fintech pioneers continue to push the boundaries of AI, the industry stands at a crossroads, balancing technological advancement with ethical considerations and the human impact on the workforce.


Lunar’s innovative AI-driven initiatives signal a transformative shift in the banking landscape, emphasizing enhanced productivity and customer engagement. As Lunar and similar fintech companies continue to integrate AI into their operations, the market can expect increased efficiency and personalized services, albeit with potential implications for workforce dynamics and industry standards.