Mashgin’s Integration with Verifone Commander: A Game-Changer in Self-Checkout Systems

  • Mashgin and Verifone have integrated their systems to streamline checkout processes in convenience stores.
  • This collaboration enables Mashgin’s self-checkout kiosks to work seamlessly with Verifone’s Commander Site Controller.
  • The integration significantly reduces deployment times and offers fuel sales capabilities for all oil brands at Commander-enabled sites.
  • Mashgin’s AI-powered self-checkout kiosks boast an impressive accuracy rate of 99.9% and drastically reduce transaction times.
  • Convenience retailers using Mashgin witness up to 80% of in-store transactions processed through self-checkout, leading to shorter queues and increased sales.

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In a strategic move, Mashgin, renowned for its lightning-fast touchless self-checkout system, has unveiled its integration with Verifone, a prominent global payments solution provider. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the landscape of convenience store operations. With Verifone Commander, a cornerstone of modern site management solutions utilized by over 50,000 sites, Mashgin can seamlessly deploy its cutting-edge computer vision self-checkout system, encompassing nearly 40% of convenience stores across the United States.

The synergy between Verifone and Mashgin ushers in a new era of efficiency for retailers. By incorporating Mashgin’s self-checkout kiosks into their infrastructure alongside payment processing, fuel management, and loyalty programs via Commander Site Controller, retailers can streamline checkout processes significantly. This integration empowers C-store operators to swiftly incorporate Mashgin units into their checkout options, thereby reducing deployment timelines substantially. Notably, Verifone’s Commander is universally certified for all fuel networks, enabling Mashgin to facilitate fuel sales for all oil brands utilizing Commander-enabled sites.

Jack Hogan, SVP of Partnerships at Mashgin, emphasizes the mission to equip retailers with tools to enhance customer experiences. He asserts, “Our objective is to facilitate seamless, expedited transactions for retailers seeking to modernize their operations with self-checkout capabilities.” With Verifone’s esteemed Commander system, Mashgin emerges as an enticing proposition for myriad convenience retailers across the U.S. and beyond.

Mashgin’s expansive reach is underscored by its presence in over 4,000 locations nationwide, spanning convenience stores, corporate dining facilities, airports, and major sports arenas. Leveraging AI and computer vision technologies, Mashgin achieves a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.9% in identifying items, enabling simultaneous transaction processing. Customers simply place their selections on the Mashgin kiosk tray, bypassing the traditional barcode scanning process and expediting the checkout experience.

James Hervey, Head of Petro at Verifone, underscores the transformative potential of this collaboration. He states, “The integration of Mashgin and Verifone heralds a new era of swift, seamless transactions at the intersection of customer and POS systems.” By harnessing the connectivity of Commander with innovative partners like Mashgin, Verifone aims to solidify its position as the premier transaction engine for convenience store operations.

Mashgin’s track record speaks volumes, with a staggering 300% increase in customer throughput and transaction speeds up to 400% faster than traditional cashier-operated systems, averaging between 10 and 15 seconds. The tangible benefits include shorter queues, heightened sales volumes, and heightened customer satisfaction. Notably, convenience stores leveraging Mashgin’s technology process up to 80% of in-store transactions through AI-powered self-checkout kiosks, underscoring the transformative impact of this solution.

Retailers eyeing the deployment of Mashgin stand to gain from expedited implementation timelines and reduced capital expenditures, with implementation times slashed to mere days compared to the industry standard of several months. This partnership between Mashgin and Verifone represents a paradigm shift in the realm of self-checkout systems, promising unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction for convenience retailers worldwide.


The integration of Mashgin’s self-checkout system with Verifone Commander marks a significant advancement in the convenience retail market. Retailers stand to benefit from enhanced operational efficiency, reduced checkout times, and increased customer satisfaction. This partnership underscores the growing demand for innovative solutions that streamline processes and elevate the shopping experience in the evolving retail landscape.