Meet &AI: Transforming Patent Due Diligence with Advanced AI Capabilities

  • &AI  revolutionizes patent due diligence with AI-driven automation.
  • The platform accelerates the search for prior art and the creation of claim charts.
  • Features include detailed claim chart creation, AI-based analysis, and citation color-coding.
  • &AI  optimizes efficiency, reduces costs, and improves accuracy in patent assessments.
  • Legal professionals can focus more on strategic analysis and less on administrative tasks.

Main AI News:

Imagine a scenario familiar to legal professionals: tasked with assessing the validity of patent claims, attorneys embark on a journey fraught with challenges. From scouring databases for prior art to meticulously crafting claim charts, the process demands extensive time and resources. Traditional methods rely on third-party search providers and manual review processes, often consuming 20 to 40 billable hours per patent.

Enter &AI —a revolutionary platform designed to streamline and enhance patent due diligence. Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, &AI  redefines efficiency by automating key aspects of the patent review process. Legal teams can now swiftly locate relevant prior art, generate comprehensive claim language, and identify weaknesses in patent claims with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Central to &AI ‘s capabilities is its ability to create detailed claim charts directly within the platform. Utilizing AI-driven analysis, the platform facilitates rapid comparison and evaluation of patent features, enabling attorneys to make informed decisions efficiently. Moreover, its innovative citation analysis tool categorizes and color-codes references, simplifying the identification of critical information crucial to legal arguments.

Beyond simplifying patent review, &AI  empowers legal professionals to optimize workflows and allocate resources strategically. By reducing reliance on manual searches and enhancing the speed of analysis, the platform enables attorneys to focus more on strategic insights and less on administrative tasks.


&AI  represents a transformative leap forward in patent due diligence, offering a scalable, efficient, and technologically advanced solution for legal professionals. By integrating AI into the fabric of patent review processes, &AI  not only enhances productivity but also sets new benchmarks for quality and reliability in intellectual property assessment.


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