Mentee Robotics Unveils Innovative Humanoid Prototype (Video)

  • Mentee Robotics introduced Menteebot, its take on humanoid robotics, after gaining attention in 2022.
  • Led by industry veterans like Amnon Shashua, the company emphasizes computer vision and generative AI.
  • The unveiled prototype marks a departure in the humanoid sector, blending advanced technology and functionality.
  • Mentee’s diverse team, including experts from Mobileye and Facebook AI Research, has secured $17 million in funding.
  • Targeting both industrial and domestic markets, Mentee focuses on integrating AI models for task execution and mobility.
  • Transformer-based Large Language Models (LLMs) drive task interpretation and planning, with a focus on locomotion and dexterity.
  • A production-ready prototype is expected by early 2025.

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Mentee Robotics didn’t exactly operate in stealth mode. Although the Israeli company gained some attention towards the end of 2022, spurred by Tesla’s initial foray into humanoid robotics, its nascent stage limited its showcase. Nonetheless, garnering headlines was inevitable, given its co-founder and chairman, Amnon Shashua, who also founded Mobileye and AI21 Labs, a well-funded AI firm.

However, on Wednesday, the company unveiled Menteebot, its venture into the burgeoning humanoid sector. This system marks a significant departure from existing offerings in the market, blurring the precise definition of humanoid systems. Notably, the displayed robot is still a prototype, albeit one that its creators believe has progressed sufficiently during its two-year stealth period to warrant a public debut.

With Shashua at the helm, Menteebot naturally emphasizes computer vision and generative AI. “We are witnessing a convergence of computer vision, natural language understanding, detailed simulators, and transfer methodologies,” states the founder. “This convergence serves as the foundation for designing a future general-purpose bipedal robot capable of human-like mobility, household tasks, and learning through imitation.”

Perception and reasoning stand as crucial drivers for the category’s evolution, and Mentee is well-positioned, boasting a strong team. Alongside Shashua are CEO Lior Wolf, former Facebook AI Research director, and Shai Shalev-Shwartz, a Hebrew University professor and Mobileye CTO. This team, partly responsible for securing $17 million in funding, is led by Ahren Innovation Capital.

Mentee’s ambitions span across industrial and domestic markets, a broad reach uncommon in the industry. While most humanoid makers prioritize industrial applications initially, Mentee eyes both arenas. Its current focus lies in demonstrating how AI models can aid the system in task completion.

Mentee emphasizes: “Transformer-based Large Language Models (LLMs) decode commands and plan task execution. We prioritize integrating locomotion and dexterity, ensuring the robot maintains balance when carrying loads or manipulating objects.”

Anticipated for early 2025, Mentee aims to unveil a production-ready prototype.


Mentee Robotics’ unveiling of Menteebot signals a significant advancement in the humanoid robotics sector. With a strong emphasis on cutting-edge technology and functionality, backed by a seasoned team and substantial funding, Mentee is poised to disrupt both industrial and domestic markets. Their innovative approach to integrating AI models for task execution and mobility positions them as a key player in shaping the future of robotics.