Metaphysic has assembled a team of preeminent artificial intelligence and copyright experts to lead its inaugural Scientific Advisory Board


  • Metaphysic announces the formation of a scientific advisory board to drive technological excellence in AI with an emphasis on ethical application.
  • Inaugural board members include Professor Jeanne Fromer, Professor Hany Farid, and Professor Renaud Lambiotte, renowned experts in their respective fields.
  • Metaphysic aims to develop transformative AI technology while prioritizing ethics and individual data ownership.
  • The company has emerged as a leader in AI technology and machine learning research, producing immersive, photorealistic content at a large scale.
  • Metaphysic has secured partnerships with Creative Artists Agency and Miramax, solidifying its position in the entertainment industry.
  • Every Anyone, a consumer-facing platform, allows individuals to create hyperreal avatars backed by biometric data.
  • The Scientific Advisory Board will collaborate with Metaphysic’s research team, focusing on computer vision, AI, machine learning, public policy, law, ethics, and cryptography.
  • The board’s research and development efforts aim to support responsible innovation and ethical AI applications industry-wide.
  • Founding board members bring extensive experience in education, law, and scientific research, contributing to their roles on the advisory board.

Main AI News:

Metaphysic, a trailblazer in generative AI, has proudly announced the formation of its scientific advisory board, aimed at bolstering the company’s mission to drive technological brilliance in the field of artificial intelligence while emphasizing ethical practices.

Comprising exceptional experts, the inaugural board members include the distinguished Professor Jeanne Fromer, the Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Co-Director of the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy; Professor Hany Farid, a revered authority in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences as well as in the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley; and Professor Renaud Lambiotte, an esteemed academic affiliated with the University of Oxford and the prestigious Alan Turing Institute.

With their collective expertise, Metaphysic remains steadfast in advancing groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes the way we create, consume, and engage with media.

As pioneers in the realm of generative AI, Metaphysic is unwavering in our commitment to harnessing the transformative potential of this technology in an ethical and responsible manner,” declared Thomas Graham, CEO and Co-founder of Metaphysic. “Professors Fromer, Farid, and Lambiotte bring invaluable insights and guidance as we propel our research forward, ensuring that individuals retain ownership and control over their data. We hold steadfast to the principles of consent, consideration, and compensation, which form the bedrock of our product development, ultimately impacting the lives of real people.”

In the past couple of years, Metaphysic has rapidly emerged as the industry leader, spearheading the development of AI technologies and conducting cutting-edge machine learning research to create awe-inspiring, hyperrealistic content on a massive scale.

After a series of groundbreaking performances on the widely acclaimed show America’s Got Talent, Metaphysic solidified its status through a strategic partnership with the esteemed Creative Artists Agency, securing the role of Official Generative AI Partner for the highly anticipated upcoming film “Here” by Miramax. Alongside its accomplishments in the entertainment sphere, Metaphysic has also introduced Every Anyone, an innovative platform that empowers individuals to create lifelike avatars supported by their own biometric data.

The newly established Scientific Advisory Board will work hand in hand with Metaphysic’s in-house research team, jointly steering the company’s fundamental and applied research in various fields such as computer vision, AI and machine learning, public policy and law, ethics in science and technology, cryptography, and beyond.

This collaborative effort will facilitate the integration of novel research into Metaphysic’s existing product portfolio while fueling the creation of pioneering proprietary technologies driven by responsible innovation. Through the ongoing endeavors of the board, Metaphysic endeavors to provide a comprehensive framework that promotes the ethical application of AI, thereby propelling the entire industry forward.

Distinguished by their profound experience in education, legal practice, and scientific exploration, the founding members of the Metaphysic Scientific Advisory Board bring unrivaled expertise to their new roles. Professor Jeanne Fromer, for instance, serves as the co-director of the esteemed NYU Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy and is a co-author of the widely adopted copyright textbook Copyright Law: Cases and Material, utilized in more than 65 law schools worldwide.

Professor Hany Farid, renowned for his remarkable proficiency in digital image forensics, holds a prominent position as a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences within the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, making him a sought-after authority on AI-generated content.


The formation of Metaphysic’s scientific advisory board and its focus on ethical AI application signifies a significant development in the market. By prioritizing data ownership, responsible innovation, and collaboration with esteemed experts, Metaphysic is positioning itself as a leader in AI technology with a strong emphasis on ethics. This approach is likely to set a new standard for the industry and inspire other companies to adopt similar practices, ultimately shaping the market towards more responsible and ethical AI applications.