Metaview Secures $7M Investment for AI-Powered Hiring Solutions

  • Metaview, a London-based AI hiring software company, raises $7M for its innovative LLM-enabled software.
  • The investment is primarily aimed at product development and expanding the engineering team.
  • Founded in 2018 by former Uber and Palantir leads, Metaview’s AI streamlines interview analysis and workflow automation.
  • Clients include Brex, Personio, Pleo, On Running, Sony, and Quora.
  • Funding round led by Plural with contributions from Coelius Capital and notable angels.
  • Metaview’s software saves around 20 hours per hire, witnessing a 2000% growth in the past year.
  • CEO Siadhal Magos emphasizes data-driven decision-making and objective hiring.
  • Partner at Plural, Khaled Helioui, praises Metaview for enhancing recruitment practices and fostering more equitable workplaces.

Main AI News:

In a recent development, London-based AI hiring software firm Metaview has successfully secured a substantial investment of $7 million. This funding injection is earmarked to bolster the development of its LLM-enabled software, which is designed to streamline the summary and analysis of job interviews. The primary focus of this financial boost will be on enhancing product features and scaling up the engineering team.

Established in 2018 by Siadhal Magos (CEO), a former product lead at Uber, and Shahriar Tajbakhsh (CTO), a former engineering lead at Palantir, Metaview specializes in leveraging AI to summarize interview notes and automate various workflows integral to the hiring process. Notable clients utilizing Metaview’s solutions include Brex, Personio, Pleo, On Running, Sony, and Quora.

The recent funding round, spearheaded by Plural, witnessed participation from Coelius Capital and existing investors such as Vertex Ventures US, Seedcamp, and Village Global. Additionally, renowned angels like Kyle Parrish and Barney Hussey-Yeo, co-founder of Cleo, contributed to the funding.

According to Metaview, interviews represent one of the most opaque phases of the hiring journey. Their software has been instrumental in saving approximately 20 hours per hire for existing clients. By facilitating data-driven decision-making, Metaview empowers recruiters and hiring managers to make informed and objective choices.

Over the past year, Metaview has experienced an astonishing 2000% surge in growth. This growth trajectory aligns with projections indicating that the AI HR market is poised to reach $6.18 billion by year-end.

Siadhal Magos, CEO of Metaview, emphasized the transformative impact of their AI-native platform on the hiring landscape. He highlighted how Metaview enables companies to harness crucial data from human-to-human conversations, ultimately expediting hiring processes and elevating decision-making standards.

Meanwhile, Khaled Helioui, Partner at Plural, underscored the significance of hiring decisions for business success. He commended Metaview for its commitment to revolutionizing recruitment practices and creating more equitable workplaces by mitigating biases inherent in traditional hiring processes.

With this substantial investment and a clear vision for the future, Metaview is poised to catalyze significant advancements in the realm of AI-driven hiring solutions, ultimately reshaping the dynamics of talent acquisition and management.


Metaview’s successful funding round underscores the growing demand for AI-driven solutions in the hiring space. With a substantial investment and a proven track record of delivering tangible benefits to clients, Metaview is poised to capitalize on the expanding market for innovative HR technologies. This development highlights the increasing recognition of AI’s transformative potential in streamlining recruitment processes and enhancing decision-making capabilities for businesses worldwide.