Microsoft announces its largest investment in France during the Choose France summit

  • Microsoft unveils its largest investment in France during Choose France summit.
  • Investment aims to accelerate AI adoption, innovation, and economic growth.
  • €4Bn investment to expand Cloud and AI infrastructure, deploying up to 25,000 advanced GPUs by 2025.
  • Focus on skilling 1 million French individuals by 2027, with partnerships for inclusive education.
  • Initiatives to support 2,500 French startups through Microsoft GenAI Studio program.
  • Emphasis on sustainability with plans for 100% renewable energy coverage by 2025.

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In a landmark move during the Choose France summit, Microsoft unveiled its largest investment ever in France, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s technological landscape. With a commitment totaling €4Bn, Microsoft aims to propel the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies, bolstering France’s position as a global leader in digital innovation.

Brad Smith, Vice Chair & President of Microsoft, emphasized the company’s dedication to fostering digital transformation and economic prosperity in France. “This major investment demonstrates a steadfast commitment to supporting digital innovation and economic growth in France,” said Smith. “We are building state-of-the-art Cloud and AI infrastructure, training people with AI skills, and supporting French startups as they use our technology with confidence to grow in a fair and responsible way.

Central to this initiative is Microsoft’s strategic investment in Cloud and AI infrastructure, aimed at expanding computational capabilities and driving innovation. By deploying up to 25,000 advanced GPUs by the end of 2025 and expanding datacenter operations across key regions like Paris, Marseille, and the Grand Est Region, Microsoft is poised to meet the growing demand for AI-specific compute power.

Franck Leroy, President of the Conseil régional du Grand-Est, hailed the investment as a transformative milestone for the region and the nation. “With this major project, the Grand Est region is making Alsace a benchmark region for artificial intelligence in France and Europe,” stated Leroy.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability shines through its renewable energy initiatives, with plans to achieve 100% renewable energy coverage for its operations by 2025. Laurent Saint Martin, General Manager of Business France, applauded Microsoft’s efforts to bolster French sovereignty in AI while fostering an ambitious digital ecosystem.

Empowering French Talent for the AI Era

Beyond infrastructure, Microsoft’s investment is geared towards empowering French individuals and businesses with the skills needed to thrive in the AI-driven economy. Through partnerships with government institutions, educational organizations, and non-profits, Microsoft aims to skill and train one million French people by the end of 2027.

Thibaut Guilluy, General Manager of France Travail, underscored the pivotal role of AI in employment, stating, “Artificial intelligence is an essential lever for accessing and returning to employment.” Microsoft’s collaboration with Kokoroe and other partners aims to democratize AI education, providing accessible training programs tailored for job seekers, students, and SMBs.

Moreover, Microsoft’s focus on upskilling professionals and fostering inclusive programs with partners like Simplon reflects its commitment to diversity and equal opportunity. Véronique Saubot, CEO of Simplon, emphasized the importance of collaboration in providing equal job opportunities in the digital sector.

Catalyzing Startup Growth and Innovation

In line with France’s aspirations to become a hub for AI innovation, Microsoft is launching initiatives to support and accelerate the growth of French startups. Through programs like Microsoft GenAI Studio, the company aims to engage over 2,500 startups by 2027, providing them with the expertise, resources, and support needed to thrive in the AI ecosystem.

Roxanne Varza, Director of STATION F, hailed the launch of Microsoft’s GenAI Studio as a significant milestone for France’s startup community. “This is a huge milestone for our startups and our campus,” noted Varza, highlighting the collaborative spirit driving innovation in the French tech scene.

Microsoft’s investment in France underscores its commitment to driving inclusive growth, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals and businesses to harness the transformative power of AI. As France charts its course towards a digital future, Microsoft stands as a steadfast partner, driving progress and prosperity for all.


Microsoft’s significant investment in France signals a pivotal moment for the market, with a clear focus on driving AI innovation and economic growth. By bolstering infrastructure, skilling initiatives, and startup support, Microsoft is poised to catalyze the development of a vibrant AI ecosystem in France, positioning the country as a global leader in digital innovation. This strategic move not only underscores Microsoft’s commitment to the French market but also sets the stage for collaboration, innovation, and inclusive growth in the AI-driven economy.