Mindtrip, an AI-driven travel planning platform, secures $7 million in seed funding from Costanoa Ventures


  • Mindtrip disrupts traditional travel planning with AI technology.
  • CEO Andy Moss, backed by a seasoned team, secures $7 million in funding.
  • Mindtrip’s AI-driven platform offers efficiency and personalization.
  • Public beta planned for late 2023, catering to diverse traveler needs.
  • The interface seamlessly integrates maps, data, and booking options.

Main AI News:

In a world where self-service travel planning has become the norm, Mindtrip emerges as a game-changer in the travel industry. Gone are the days of relying on human travel agents; instead, AI takes the wheel, providing a comprehensive solution for travelers seeking convenience and efficiency. Recently securing $7 million in seed funding from Costanoa Ventures, Mindtrip is poised to claim its share of the 10% of the economy dedicated to travel and hospitality.

At the helm of this innovative venture is CEO Andy Moss, a serial entrepreneur known for his success in companies like Roadster, FabKids, PopSugar, and ShopStyle. Joining him are co-founder Trey Matteson, a familiar face from the Roadster days, and Garrick Toubassi, the former leader of Google’s Gmail engineering team, renowned for his early work with AI and large language models.

The vision behind Mindtrip goes beyond addressing the growing interest in travel; it aims to redefine the travel planning experience. Harnessing the power of natural language, Mindtrip enables users to ask questions, receive recommendations, and access imagery, maps, availability, and booking information seamlessly. It’s a digital travel agent that marries efficiency with the personal touch travelers crave.

Andy Moss shared an MVP of the software that left onlookers astounded. Demonstrating its capabilities with a trip plan reminiscent of a family getaway, the AI’s speed and accuracy were nothing short of impressive. What used to take hours of research now happens in mere seconds, making trip planning, scheduling, and booking a breeze. Mindtrip’s user-friendly interface sets it apart from text-heavy alternatives, making it a standout in the AI landscape.

Mindtrip is gearing up for its public beta launch in late 2023. During this phase, travelers will have the opportunity to utilize its capabilities, building and organizing trips by simply asking questions. Mindtrip will provide not only answers but also visual aids, geographical insights, and real-time availability data tailored to your destination.

This groundbreaking solution is designed to cater to the needs of today’s travelers—those inspired by TikTok and Instagram, meticulous planners, and adventure enthusiasts who prefer a well-structured journey. Andy Moss sums it up best, stating, “The concept behind Mindtrip is harnessing ChatGPT’s natural language capabilities while offering a consumer-facing interface that seamlessly integrates maps, data cards, flight schedules, and booking.”


Mindtrip’s innovative approach to travel planning, backed by substantial funding and a strong leadership team, is poised to disrupt the travel market. By combining AI-driven insights with user-friendly features, it caters to the evolving needs of modern travelers, potentially reshaping how people plan and experience their journeys. This could lead to increased competition and further technological advancements in the travel industry.