Naver launches “For You,” a beta service for AI-driven hotel recommendations


  • Naver Corp introduces “For You,” an AI-based hotel recommendation service.
  • It expands Naver’s travel product section, now encompassing five categories.
  • For You tailors hotel suggestions based on user behavior and statistical data.
  • It leverages Naver’s Clova AI platform and collaborative filtering for precise recommendations.
  • The service considers factors like user views, recent reservations, and popularity.
  • Recommendations extend to family-friendly, pool-equipped, and same-demographic hotels.
  • Naver plans to make For You an official section after beta service assessment.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move, South Korea’s prominent web portal giant, Naver Corp., has unveiled a beta service named “For You,” designed to offer personalized hotel recommendations through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This pioneering addition further bolsters Naver’s travel product section, expanding it into a comprehensive hub with five distinct categories: For You, airfare, hotels, tickets and tour packages, and events and benefits.

For You’s cutting-edge hotel suggestions are meticulously tailored, leveraging user behavioral history, while hotel product recommendations draw insights from statistical data. The service harnesses the prowess of Naver’s AI platform Clova, employing a deep learning algorithm in conjunction with collaborative filtering, a machine learning technique that categorizes users based on their interests to generate refined proposals.

Utilizing AI, the system recommends hotels that have garnered attention from users, those with an upsurge in user interest within the last six hours, recent reservations made in the past seven days, and a high number of clicks relative to exposure. Furthermore, For You includes recommendations for popular hotels over the preceding 30 days, with a focus on family-friendly options and establishments boasting excellent swimming pool facilities, as well as those that have received swift reservations. The list also features hotels favored by users sharing the same gender and demographic profile.

In the wake of a thorough assessment of the beta service’s performance, Naver intends to transition For You into an official section, solidifying its commitment to providing AI-driven hotel recommendations that cater to diverse user preferences. Stay tuned for the latest developments in this exciting venture by Naver.


Naver’s introduction of AI-driven hotel recommendations through “For You” signifies a significant advancement in the travel market. This innovative approach, leveraging AI and user data, is poised to enhance the travel planning experience, offering users highly personalized and relevant hotel suggestions. As Naver plans to make this service an official section, it demonstrates its commitment to meeting the evolving demands of travelers and solidifies its position as a leader in the travel technology space. This move is likely to set a trend in the market, encouraging competitors to explore similar AI-driven solutions to stay competitive and deliver exceptional value to their users.