NRI Secure Launches “AI Blue Team” to Safeguard Systems Using Generative AI

  • NRI SecureTechnologies launches “AI Blue Team” service for systems using Generative AI.
  • Designed to complement AI Red Team, assessing vulnerabilities since December 2023.
  • Targets specific risks like Prompt Injection, Bias, and Sensitive Information Disclosure.
  • Provides continuous monitoring and customized threat intelligence gathering.
  • Enhances system protection through real-time detection APIs and client-accessible dashboards.

Main AI News:

Today, NRI SecureTechnologies unveiled its latest offering, the “AI Blue Team,” a specialized security monitoring service designed for systems leveraging Generative AI. This new service, introduced in conjunction with the previously launched AI Red Team in December 2023, aims to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities specific to Large Language Models (LLMs).

The proliferation of AI technologies across various sectors has brought forth unprecedented challenges in cybersecurity. With the widespread adoption of Generative AI and LLMs in operational frameworks, including those focused on enhancing efficiency, the need for tailored security measures has become paramount. These technologies introduce unique risks such as Prompt Injection, Prompt Leaking, Hallucination, Sensitive Information Disclosure, Bias Risk, and Inappropriate Content Output.

The AI Blue Team service from NRI Secure is engineered to address these challenges comprehensively. By leveraging advanced threat intelligence capabilities and continuous monitoring, the service ensures prompt detection and response to evolving security threats. Crucially, it synergizes with the AI Red Team’s assessment results to provide tailored countermeasures against complex threats that conventional defenses may struggle to mitigate.

Key features of the AI Blue Team service include real-time monitoring of input-output interactions between Generative AI systems and their environments. This capability is facilitated through detection APIs, alerting stakeholders within client organizations to any detected malicious activity. Moreover, NRI Secure’s analysts utilize insights from AI Red Team assessments to continually refine threat intelligence, enhancing the service’s efficacy in preemptively addressing emerging threats.

In the realm of systems employing Generative AI, vulnerabilities can be highly specific and demand bespoke security strategies,” noted a spokesperson from NRI Secure. “The AI Blue Team not only fortifies defenses against known threats but also anticipates and mitigates risks unique to each client’s operational setup.”

Looking ahead, NRI Secure remains committed to advancing information security measures through innovative products and services. By offering the AI Blue Team alongside existing solutions, the company aims to bolster organizational resilience against cyber threats, thereby supporting clients in achieving secure and efficient business transformations.


NRI Secure’s introduction of the AI Blue Team marks a significant advancement in safeguarding Generative AI systems. By addressing specific vulnerabilities and leveraging continuous monitoring, the service not only strengthens cybersecurity but also underscores the evolving need for specialized defense solutions in the AI-driven market landscape.