Nvidia is on the verge of acquiring Run:ai, an AI infrastructure management platform, for approximately $700 million

  • Nvidia is poised to acquire Run:ai, an AI infrastructure management platform, for approximately $700 million.
  • This acquisition signifies Nvidia’s commitment to expanding its presence in Israel, following its acquisition of Mellanox in 2019.
  • Run:ai’s expertise in AI workload orchestration and virtualization complements Nvidia’s GPU technology advancements.
  • Run:ai secured significant funding, totaling $118 million to date, reflecting investor confidence in its vision.
  • Founded by Omri Geller and Dr. Ronen Dar in 2018, Run:ai addresses unique challenges in AI workloads.
  • Run:ai’s Kubernetes-based platform enables efficient resource allocation for AI clouds.

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In a strategic move set to redefine its presence in the AI infrastructure realm, Nvidia is on the brink of finalizing the acquisition of Run:ai, an AI infrastructure orchestration and management platform, for an estimated $700 million. This acquisition, anticipated to conclude imminently, marks a significant milestone for Nvidia, aligning with its trajectory of expanding its foothold in cutting-edge technologies.

This acquisition mirrors Nvidia’s strategic focus on bolstering its capabilities in Israel, following its landmark acquisition of Mellanox for $6.9 billion in March 2019. With approximately 10% of its workforce stationed in Israel, Nvidia has cultivated a robust presence in the region, leveraging the nation’s rich talent pool and innovative ecosystem.

The integration of Run:ai into Nvidia’s portfolio signifies a convergence of expertise and resources, as Run:ai’s talented team is poised to augment Nvidia’s local research and development endeavors. The synergy between Run:ai’s specialized solutions and Nvidia’s pioneering advancements in GPU technology promises to unlock unprecedented potential in AI-driven workflows.

Run:ai’s journey to this pivotal moment has been marked by significant milestones, including a notable Series C funding round in March 2022, spearheaded by prominent investors such as Tiger Global Management and Insight Partners. With a total funding tally of $118 million to date, Run:ai has garnered substantial support from industry leaders, underscoring the confidence in its vision and trajectory.

Founded in 2018 by Omri Geller and Dr. Ronen Dar, Run:ai traces its origins to the hallowed halls of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Drawing upon their academic backgrounds and industry experience, Geller and Dar embarked on a mission to address the unique challenges inherent in AI workloads. Their journey from academia to entrepreneurship underscores the spirit of innovation that defines Israel’s tech landscape.

At the core of Run:ai’s offering lies a sophisticated orchestration and virtualization software layer tailored specifically for AI workloads leveraging GPUs and analogous chipsets. Powered by Kubernetes, Run:ai’s container platform for AI clouds empowers organizations to optimize resource utilization seamlessly, from fractional GPU allocation to distributed GPU clusters.

As Nvidia edges closer to finalizing the acquisition of Run:ai, anticipation mounts within the tech community, heralding a new era of collaboration and innovation in the AI infrastructure domain. This strategic alliance is poised to reshape the technological landscape, propelling both entities to new heights of excellence and efficacy.


Nvidia’s imminent acquisition of Run:ai underscores its commitment to advancing AI infrastructure capabilities. This strategic move not only strengthens Nvidia’s foothold in Israel but also signals its intent to harness Run:ai’s expertise to drive innovation in AI-driven workflows. The synergy between these two entities is poised to reshape the market landscape, offering enhanced solutions and opportunities for organizations navigating the complexities of AI deployments.