Nvidia Soars to New Heights as Goldman Sachs Elevates AI Prospects


  • Nvidia’s stock reaches a record high, surging 4% to $689.21.
  • Goldman Sachs raises Nvidia’s price target to $800, signaling a 21% potential upside.
  • The company’s market capitalization could increase by approximately $70 billion.
  • Nvidia’s forward earnings estimate multiple stands at 31.4, surpassing the industry average of 22.9.
  • Goldman Sachs analysts predict robust growth, citing Nvidia’s hardware, software offerings, and innovation pace.
  • Earnings estimates for 2025-2026 increased by 22% due to strong AI server demand and GPU supply.
  • Positive signs of AI monetization from companies like Microsoft and Meta Platforms.
  • Nvidia’s success contrasts with chipmakers less involved in AI, like Intel.
  • Upcoming Nvidia earnings report: Q4 EPS of $4.51 and revenue of $20.19 billion.

Main AI News:

Nvidia, the trailblazing chipmaker, witnessed a historic ascent on Monday, driven by Goldman Sachs’ bullish outlook on the company’s future, fueled by the burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. The stock surged by an impressive 4%, reaching an all-time high of $689.21, poised to catapult the company’s market capitalization by approximately $70 billion, solidifying its stature with a valuation of $1.63 trillion as of the previous week’s closing.

Nvidia has indisputably become the poster child of the AI frenzy, experiencing an unprecedented surge in market value during the month of January. This meteoric rise in stock price, already amassing a remarkable 39% gain since the beginning of the year, has, however, positioned it as a pricier investment in comparison to its peers. Currently, Nvidia’s shares are trading at a lofty 31.4 times the company’s forward earnings estimate, substantially exceeding the industry average of 22.9.

Yet, Goldman Sachs’ esteemed analyst, Toshiya Hari, remains steadfast in his optimism, foreseeing ample room for further growth. Hari confidently states, “We firmly believe that Nvidia will maintain its position as the industry gold standard for the foreseeable future. This assertion is rooted in its robust hardware and software offerings and, crucially, the relentless pace at which it continues to pioneer groundbreaking innovations.”

In an endorsement of this conviction, Goldman Sachs has raised its price target for Nvidia to a commanding $800, making it the third-highest target among U.S. analysts closely monitoring the stock. This adjustment indicates a remarkable 21% potential upside from its current levels, a notable escalation from the previous target of $625.

Furthermore, the financial institution has also revised upwards its earnings forecasts for Nvidia for the years 2025 and 2026, with an average increase of 22%. This optimistic adjustment is grounded in the burgeoning demand for AI server technology and an improving supply of graphics processing units (GPUs).

Hari underscores the promising signs of AI monetization demonstrated by tech giants such as Microsoft and Meta Platforms. Additionally, he points to the positive earnings outlook emanating from AI server manufacturer Super Micro Computer.

While Nvidia has unlocked substantial revenue streams through its deep involvement in AI chip production, other chipmakers, less entwined in this lucrative sector, such as Intel, have struggled to keep pace with their market performance.

Nvidia is poised to reveal its latest financial results on February 21st, with analysts anticipating fourth-quarter earnings per share of $4.51 and revenue of $20.19 billion, according to data from the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).


Nvidia’s remarkable surge in valuation, driven by its leadership in AI technology, signifies a growing investor confidence in the company’s future prospects. The significantly higher price target set by Goldman Sachs and the positive earnings outlook reflects a continued bullish sentiment around Nvidia’s position as a leader in the industry. This development underscores the increasing importance of AI in the market, positioning Nvidia as a formidable player in the evolving landscape of technology and innovation.