OCBC Securities launched AI Oscar, an AI-powered tool for stock selection

  • OCBC Securities launched AI Oscar, an AI-driven tool for stock selection.
  • Uses deep-learning algorithms to predict market trends and recommend stocks.
  • Personalizes recommendations based on investor risk profile and trading history.
  • Generates a curated list of 15 stocks weekly from SGX, HKEX, and US exchanges.
  • Trained on a dataset of over 4,000 stocks, updated daily with real-time data.
  • Aims to triple young investor base by enhancing trading efficiency.
  • Experienced 50% increase in trading among under-35 investors during pilot phase.

Main AI News:

OCBC Securities has introduced a groundbreaking AI tool designed to transform stock selection for investors. Known as AI Oscar, this innovative platform utilizes advanced deep-learning algorithms to accurately predict market movements and provide personalized stock recommendations tailored to individual investor profiles. By analyzing key factors such as risk appetite, trading history, and demographic information, AI Oscar generates a meticulously curated list of 15 stocks weekly from exchanges in Singapore, Hong Kong, and the United States.

The tool draws from a comprehensive dataset encompassing over 4,000 stocks listed on major exchanges like the Singapore Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange, Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange, and NYSE American. This dataset is continuously updated with real-time stock fundamentals, macroeconomic conditions, and technical indicators, ensuring that AI Oscar remains finely tuned to current market dynamics.

Wilson He, managing director of OCBC Securities, emphasized the tool’s ability to empower investors by distilling vast amounts of complex data into actionable insights swiftly. He highlighted AI Oscar’s role in meeting the evolving demands of today’s fast-paced financial landscape, where timely and informed decision-making is crucial.

Moreover, OCBC Securities aims to significantly expand its base of active young investors over the next three years, capitalizing on AI Oscar’s capabilities to enhance trading efficiency and decision-making among this demographic. During its pilot phase from October 2023 to April 2024, the tool witnessed a notable 50% surge in trading activity among investors under the age of 35.

As He stated, “AI Oscar represents a significant leap forward in how investors access and utilize information. By delivering personalized stock ideas based on individual preferences and market insights, we aim to empower investors to make informed decisions with confidence and agility.”


OCBC Securities’ introduction of AI Oscar marks a significant advancement in stock selection technology. By leveraging AI to deliver personalized stock recommendations and streamline trading decisions, OCBC is poised to attract and empower a new generation of investors. This initiative underscores a growing trend in the market towards AI-driven solutions that enhance decision-making and efficiency in financial investments.