OneAir, an AI-powered flight scanner that helps find affordable domestic and international flights


  • OneAir is an AI-powered flight scanner that helps you find affordable domestic and international flights.
  • Two lifetime memberships are available: OneAir Premium Plan for $59.99 (previously $290) and Elite Plan for $109.99 (previously $790).
  • OneAir’s advanced AI technology scans millions of fares in real-time and sends them directly to your inbox.
  • The Premium Membership is suitable for occasional travelers, while the Elite Membership is designed for frequent travelers across multiple airports.
  • Both memberships provide access to unlimited devices and include a OneClub exclusive membership with discounts on hotels, rental cars, and activities.

Main AI News:

In today’s competitive business landscape, optimizing travel expenses is crucial for companies striving for financial success. As per the latest metrics reported by Zippia, a substantial portion of an organization’s annual revenue, up to 10%, is allocated to travel-related expenditures. While travel is an indispensable necessity, unlocking cheaper airfare options can unlock significant savings that can be channeled toward fostering growth and fueling new projects.

Enter OneAir, the groundbreaking flight scanner empowered by artificial intelligence. Unveiling its exclusive lifetime memberships, OneAir presents an unparalleled opportunity to secure affordable domestic and international flights effortlessly. Avail yourself of the limited-time offer to acquire the OneAir Premium Plan for an unbeatable price of $59.99 (formerly $290), or opt for the Elite Plan, now available at only $109.99 (previously $790).

What sets OneAir apart from its competitors is its advanced AI capabilities and official licensing. Gone are the days of arduously scouring the web for flight deals. With OneAir, cutting-edge AI algorithms tirelessly scan millions of fares in real-time, conveniently delivering them straight to your inbox. Rest assured, OneAir boasts accreditation from the prestigious International Airlines Travel Agent Network and holds a coveted Seller of Travel license in California. Let’s delve into what awaits you when you embark on your flight search using this extraordinary platform:

  1. Select your departing airports to kickstart your journey.
  2. OneAir combs diligently through all flights departing from your chosen airports, or you can set a specific destination to receive curated notifications tailored to your preferences.
  3. Regularly check your inbox to explore the plethora of incredible deals and offers sent your way by OneAir.
  4. Seamlessly book your desired flight directly within the user-friendly OneAir app.

The Premium and Elite memberships cater to the diverse needs of travelers, differing in a few key aspects. Premium members enjoy the convenience of automatic searches for economy flights and mistake fares departing from five airports. On the other hand, Elite members have the privilege of selecting ten airports, with OneAir conducting comprehensive searches for Premium Economy, Business, and First Class flights.

If you’re an occasional traveler, the Premium Membership is the ideal fit for you. Alternatively, the Elite Membership’s expanded selection is tailor-made for seasoned professionals who frequently embark on journeys that require meticulous planning across multiple airports.

Regardless of the membership you choose, both options grant unlimited access across all your devices, ensuring seamless travel planning. Moreover, your membership automatically enrolls you in the prestigious OneClub, offering exclusive benefits such as remarkable discounts on hotels, rental cars, and an array of exciting activities.


OneAir’s AI-powered flight finder is set to disrupt the market by revolutionizing the way travelers search for affordable flights. With its advanced AI algorithms, official licensing, and unbeatable lifetime membership offers, OneAir provides a cost-effective solution for companies looking to cut down on travel expenses. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, OneAir empowers travelers to allocate more of their budget toward business growth and innovation, ultimately fueling economic development and new projects in the market.