OptimEyes AI Presents RiskOpsAI™ Speaker Series: A Premier Business Forum for CXOs


  • OptimEyes AI launches RiskOpsAI™ Speaker Series, a platform for CXOs to address modern risk management.
  • AI-driven technology via OptimEyes’ GRC platform is central to navigating complex risk landscapes.
  • Leading CXOs will engage in discussions focusing on proactive risk management strategies.
  • OptimEyes’ RiskOpsAI™ platform aggregates data from diverse risk sources to provide a holistic risk view.
  • Ongoing conversations will enhance understanding of next-gen GRC solutions for risk mitigation.
  • A conversation between OptimEyes client John Barnhart and Andrew Beagley is available on YouTube.
  • All CXOs are invited to join the AI-driven risk modeling community.

Main AI News:

OptimEyes AI is proud to announce the launch of its highly anticipated RiskOpsAI™ Speaker Series, an exclusive cross-industry platform designed for today’s business leaders to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of risk management. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology through OptimEyes’ advanced GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform, this initiative aims to empower organizations to effectively address the multifaceted challenges posed by modern risks while aligning with their strategic objectives.

Featuring an exceptional lineup of distinguished CXOs, the RiskOpsAI™ Speaker Series serves as a powerhouse of strategic insight and technological innovation. AJ Sarkar, the visionary Founder & CEO of OptimEyes AI, expressed his excitement, stating, “Our esteemed roster of CXOs participating in the Speaker Series constitutes a formidable brain trust of business strategists and tech pioneers, all dedicated to harnessing innovative solutions for today’s risk landscape.”

The Speaker Series promises to revolutionize the way organizations approach risk management by fostering in-depth discussions on risk-related topics. Sarkar emphasized, “By driving forward informative dialogues centered on risk, we aim to propel organizations beyond the conventional, reactive methods of governance-based risk management. This transformation is a crucial step towards safeguarding financial stability and reputation.

At the core of OptimEyes’ cutting-edge approach is the RiskOpsAI™ platform, which seamlessly consolidates data from various risk sources, including cyber threats, data privacy concerns, operational challenges, compliance issues, third-party dependencies, and ESG considerations. Andrew Beagley, Chief Risk Officer at OptimEyes AI, shared his insights, saying, “Our commitment to continuously draw from the expertise of industry leaders is integral to our problem-solving approach. We utilize AI to quantify and prioritize risk effectively, ensuring a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of risk.

Commencing today, the RiskOpsAI™ Speaker Series will deliver a series of insightful conversations tailored for CISOs, CIOs, and CFOs. These conversations aim to enhance the collective understanding within the risk management community on the optimal utilization of next-generation GRC solutions in addressing contemporary risk challenges.

Additionally, OptimEyes is pleased to share a conversation between one of its valued clients, John Barnhart, the CIO of American Cast Iron Pipe Company, and Andrew Beagley. This enlightening discussion can be accessed on our YouTube channel: ttps://tinyurl.com/5dcunxcm.


The launch of OptimEyes AI’s RiskOpsAI™ Speaker Series signifies a significant advancement in the realm of risk management. Convening CXOs and leveraging AI-driven technology fosters a proactive approach to risk mitigation. This development highlights the increasing importance of innovative solutions and cross-industry collaboration in addressing modern business risks, ultimately enhancing the resilience of organizations in a rapidly changing market environment.