Paragon Insurance Expands Usage of Kalepa’s Copilot to Four Additional Programs

  • Paragon Insurance expands use of Kalepa’s Copilot to include Workers’ Compensation, Specialty Property, Small Construction and Contractors, and Auto Dealers programs.
  • CEO Ron Ganiats emphasizes commitment to innovative solutions and excellence in service.
  • Copilot facilitates informed decision-making and operational efficiencies, according to EVP Robert Etzler.
  • Brian Weber highlights Copilot’s role in enhancing risk assessment and underwriting precision for Auto Dealers program.
  • Integration of Copilot with Paragon’s internal systems streamlines operations and enhances user experience, says CTO John Scully.
  • Kalepa CEO Paul Monasterio reaffirms commitment to driving underwriting excellence and empowering partners with advanced AI technology.

Main AI News:

In a strategic move indicative of their commitment to cutting-edge underwriting solutions, Paragon Insurance Holdings LLC has announced the expansion of their utilization of Kalepa’s AI-powered Copilot platform. This expansion encompasses support for Paragon’s Workers’ Compensation, Specialty Property, Small Construction and Contractors, and Auto Dealers programs.

The decision to extend their employment of Copilot underscores Paragon’s dedication to excellence across various commercial lines of business. By embracing innovative technology, Paragon is poised to further elevate their operational efficiency and underwriting precision.

CEO of Paragon, Ron Ganiats, spoke of his enthusiasm for the extended collaboration, emphasizing Paragon’s dedication to pioneering solutions within the industry. “Copilot is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering unparalleled service and innovation,” stated Ganiats. “Through our partnership with Kalepa, we harness groundbreaking technology to drive excellence and efficiency across all facets of our business.

Robert Etzler, EVP and Head of Workers’ Compensation at Paragon, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the transformative impact of Kalepa’s platform on their underwriting processes. “Copilot is reshaping how we approach workers’ compensation,” remarked Etzler. “Its advanced capabilities enable us to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately, driving significant operational efficiencies.”

Similarly, Brian Weber, EVP and Head of Auto Dealers at Paragon, lauded Copilot’s role in enhancing risk assessment and improving overall underwriting outcomes. “Copilot consolidates critical information, empowering our underwriters to deliver precise quotes with unparalleled efficiency,” Weber explained. “With Copilot, we’re setting new standards for comprehensive underwriting while delivering consistent value to our insureds and distribution partners.”

Moreover, Kalepa’s integration of Copilot with Paragon’s internal core systems has streamlined operations and enhanced user experience. John Scully, Chief Technology Officer at Paragon Insurance, commended Kalepa’s platform for its seamless integration and efficiency. “Working with Kalepa has been exceptional,” said Scully. “Their platform sets the gold standard for ease of integration and time to implementation, allowing us to leverage cutting-edge AI technology while optimizing our back-office operations.

Paul Monasterio, CEO and Co-Founder of Kalepa, expressed his excitement about the expanded partnership with Paragon Insurance, affirming Kalepa’s commitment to driving underwriting excellence. “This expansion underscores Copilot’s capacity to deliver tangible value across various lines of business,” Monasterio noted. “As we continue to innovate, Kalepa remains dedicated to empowering our partners with state-of-the-art AI technology, ensuring sustained growth and success.


The expansion of Paragon Insurance’s usage of Kalepa’s Copilot platform signals a strategic move towards leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and underwriting precision across diverse commercial programs. This collaboration underscores the growing importance of AI-powered solutions in the insurance market, highlighting a shift towards innovation and excellence in service delivery. As Paragon and Kalepa continue to pioneer advancements in underwriting technology, the industry can anticipate increased competition and heightened standards for operational excellence.