Paro Set to Unveil Essential CFO Skills for the AI Era at Prestigious CFO Leadership Conference

  • Paro, a leading AI-powered finance platform, to speak at Spring 2024 CFO Leadership Conference in Boston.
  • Focus on how CFOs can navigate the evolving finance landscape amidst digital transformation.
  • Paro’s session highlights the changing role of CFOs in the AI era and essential skills for success.
  • Insights from Paro’s Future of Finance Survey will be shared, addressing challenges hindering strategic finance team development.
  • Collaboration with Paro enhances the mission of empowering financial leaders at the conference.

Main AI News:

Paro, a trailblazing AI-powered growth platform specializing in finance and accounting, is poised to deliver a keynote address at the forthcoming Spring 2024 CFO Leadership Conference. Scheduled for June 4-6, 2024, in the vibrant city of Boston, this event, hosted by the esteemed CFO Leadership Council, will convene over 300 top-tier financial executives representing a spectrum of industries. The primary focus will be on fostering dialogues and sharing strategies imperative for navigating the intricate terrain of contemporary finance successfully.

Finance is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, and CFOs are spearheading this transformation,” remarked Michael Burdick, co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, and interim CFO of Paro. “Leveraging our extensive experience collaborating with finance professionals and organizations yearning for their expertise, we are poised to offer profound insights into the nuances of cultivating finance departments that serve as catalysts for the enduring strategic triumph of enterprises.”

Paro will spearhead the “Who Is the Modern CFO? A Changing Role in the Era of AI” breakout session on June 6. Burdick, in tandem with distinguished panelists Brian Beaupre, CFO at Teikametrics, and Chris Culp, fractional CFO at Paro Network, will delve into how cutting-edge technologies, particularly AI, are revolutionizing the finance domain. Furthermore, they will expound upon the indispensable skills requisite for contemporary CFOs to thrive amidst the digital metamorphosis.

Attendees of the session will be privy to invaluable insights gleaned from Paro’s groundbreaking Future of Finance Survey, which meticulously delineates the impediments hindering finance teams from assuming more strategic roles.

We are immensely privileged to count Paro among our esteemed partners and speakers at our conference. Their unparalleled expertise in delineating the quintessential skills imperative for success in today’s landscape, coupled with their adeptness in propelling business expansion, represents an invaluable asset to our community,” expressed Jack McCullough, Founder and President of CFO Leadership Council. “Paro’s collaboration epitomizes our mission to empower financial luminaries.”

Paro’s proprietary AI matching technology, fortified by patents, expeditiously identifies and aligns businesses with the precise financial acumen they necessitate – spanning from adept bookkeepers to seasoned CFOs – a staggering 20 times faster than conventional recruitment methods. Leveraging data-driven tools and astute insights, Paro facilitates organizations and their financial cohorts in embracing digital metamorphosis, thereby fortifying them for the exigencies of tomorrow’s world.


Paro’s prominent presence and insights shared at the CFO Leadership Conference underscore the critical need for CFOs to adapt to the AI-driven finance landscape. As Paro continues to redefine the role of CFOs and facilitate digital transformation within finance departments, the market can expect a greater emphasis on leveraging AI technologies to drive strategic growth and success. This signals a shift towards more agile and data-driven financial management practices across industries.