Parrot Raises $11M in Series A Funding to Revolutionize AI-Powered Transcription


  • Parrot, an AI-powered transcription platform, secures $11M in Series A funding.
  • The platform offers speech-to-text deposition services for the legal and insurance industries.
  • Parrot introduces a new feature that provides deposition summaries in seconds.
  • Amplify Partners and XYZ Venture Capital co-lead the funding round, bringing the total raised capital to $14M.
  • Parrot’s highly specialized models and expertise in AI and speech-to-text transcription differentiate its offerings.
  • The company aims to streamline the deposition process, address industry challenges, and improve information synthesis through AI.
  • Parrot’s user-friendly platform allows easy booking of depositions and access to accurate transcripts synced with video and audio.
  • The funding will support further investments in AI for legal and insurance domains and the development of industry-specific tools.
  • Parrot’s success signifies the growing demand for innovative AI solutions in professional industries.

Main AI News:

Parrot, a groundbreaking AI-driven transcription platform, has successfully concluded its Series A funding round, securing an impressive $11 million in investment. The platform, which offers exceptional speech-to-text deposition services tailored specifically for the legal and insurance sectors, has also introduced an innovative feature that enables the quick summarization of depositions for legal experts. This recent funding, co-led by Amplify Partners and XYZ Venture Capital, brings Parrot’s total raised capital to an impressive $14 million since its establishment. Although the company chose not to disclose its current valuation, its steady growth and unwavering commitment to innovation have undoubtedly attracted significant attention.

Founded in 2019 by Attorney Eric Baum, his brother Bryan Baum, and a team of skilled engineers specializing in artificial intelligence and speech-to-text transcription, Parrot aims to revolutionize the deposition process using advanced large language models (LLMs). Eric, drawing on his extensive experience as a prosecutor responsible for conducting depositions at the state attorney’s office of Florida’s special victims unit, recognized the pressing need for streamlined and efficient court reporting services. The growing demand for such services inspired Eric and his team to harness the power of LLMs, not just for the legal industry but across various sectors.

Mike Dauber, General Partner at Amplify Partners, commented, “The advancements in LLMs represent the next significant shift, comparable to the transformative impact of the internet and mobile technology.” This sentiment underscores the immense potential that Parrot’s innovative approach holds for the industry.

Aaron O’Brien, CEO of Parrot, brings over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, having previously held positions at esteemed firms such as Flexport, Uber, and Facebook. O’Brien, along with Parrot’s founding team, recognized the untapped potential within the legal industry, which has long been overlooked and underserved by technological advancements. Contrary to the belief that lawyers are resistant to embracing technology, O’Brien attested that attorneys are eager to adopt new tools. However, they require solutions that are not only reliable but also purpose-built to seamlessly integrate into their workflows.

The paths of O’Brien and Parrot’s founding team crossed in 2021, facilitated by Parrot’s early investors. Since then, O’Brien has played a pivotal role in propelling the AI startup into becoming a prominent deposition service provider, partnering with global insurance carriers. Parrot AI’s ultimate objective is to empower users to efficiently gather and synthesize information, resulting in better and faster outcomes through the utilization of artificial intelligence.

With the recent funding secured, Parrot intends to bolster its investments in artificial intelligence specifically catered to the legal and insurance domains. The company remains dedicated to developing cutting-edge tools that effectively address the unique challenges faced by the industry.

Traditionally, customers seeking court transcription services have had to endure the cumbersome process of contacting court-reporting vendors via phone or email, often enduring days of waiting for confirmation. Parrot eliminates these inefficiencies by allowing users to effortlessly book depositions and secure capacity with just one click. In addition, the platform promptly sends meeting-ready calendar links to all parties involved. By leveraging Parrot’s user-friendly interface, attorneys and their support staff can save valuable time and focus on their core responsibilities.

Another key obstacle that Parrot aims to overcome pertains to deposition reviews. Following the conclusion of a deposition, attorneys typically need to request a costly transcript, a process that takes over ten days to complete. Parrot’s deposition review tools offer a game-changing solution by providing attorneys with a fully searchable, highly accurate rough draft transcript synchronized with video and audio recordings. This highly sought-after feature significantly enhances the value Parrot offers its users. Furthermore, Parrot ensures the secure storage of comprehensive archives containing deposition transcripts, video and audio recordings, and more, within its robust cloud-based platform.

Aaron Warner, an attorney at Warner & Fitzmartin, eloquently described the transformative experience of working with Parrot as akin to “going from a Nokia to an iPhone.” This sentiment is echoed by countless users who have attested that once they begin utilizing Parrot, they cannot fathom returning to outdated methods. Parrot boasts an extensive customer base comprising hundreds of enterprise clients, including law firms, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and corporations. While the precise business metrics remain undisclosed, the four-year-old company generates substantial revenue in the millions, a testament to its exceptional services and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


Parrot’s successful Series A funding round and the introduction of new features underscore the increasing adoption of AI-powered transcription services in the legal and insurance sectors. Parrot’s ability to streamline the deposition process and provide highly accurate transcripts aligned with video and audio recordings demonstrates its commitment to meeting the unique demands of the industry. The funding injection will further strengthen Parrot’s position in the market, allowing for continued advancements in artificial intelligence and the development of specialized tools. This success signifies a growing recognition among professionals for the value and efficiency that AI-powered transcription platforms bring to their workflows. As the market evolves, we can expect increased investment and competition in the AI transcription space, with Parrot well-positioned to lead the way.