PeppercornAI Secures £3.25M Investment to Propel AI Integration in the Insurance Sector

  • PeppercornAI, an insurtech firm, raises £3.25M from Wealth Club, EHE, and Angels Invest Wales.
  • Despite a downturn in UK fintech and insurtech investment, the round is oversubscribed.
  • The Cardiff-based company utilizes conversational AI to optimize insurance operations via its SaaS platform Pipr.
  • Funding will support further development of PeppercornAI’s AI platform and cater to B2B demand in the UK and abroad.
  • CEO Nigel Lombard emphasizes the potential of AI to reshape the insurance industry and thanks investors for their support.
  • Wealth Club highlights PeppercornAI’s transformative potential and the team’s expertise in securing investment.

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PeppercornAI, an innovative insurtech firm, has successfully raised £3.25 million in funding from prominent backers, including Wealth Club, EHE, and Angels Invest Wales. Despite recent challenges in investment within the UK fintech and insurtech landscape, the round saw oversubscription, indicating strong investor confidence in PeppercornAI’s vision.

The Cardiff-headquartered company specializes in leveraging conversational AI, particularly chatbots, to streamline operations, enhance risk management, and elevate customer experiences within the insurance sector. Their proprietary SaaS platform, Pipr, offers a suite of solutions aimed at optimizing various facets of insurance processes.

This infusion of capital will fuel the continued enhancement of PeppercornAI’s conversational AI platform, enabling it to address the growing demand from both domestic and international B2B markets. Nigel Lombard, CEO and Founder of PeppercornAI, emphasized the pivotal role technology, particularly AI, plays in reshaping the insurance landscape:

The insurance industry has stagnated in terms of innovation since its inception in the online sphere three decades ago. However, the advent of transformative technologies such as AI presents an opportunity to revolutionize how insurance products are accessed and managed by consumers, while simultaneously unlocking substantial benefits for providers.”

Lombard underscored PeppercornAI’s commitment to facilitating seamless AI integration for insurance providers, ensuring they stay ahead of the technological curve. He expressed gratitude towards the investors, stating, “My thanks for the continual support of EHE Capital, to Angels Invest Wales, and for the brilliant team at Wealth Club for making the raise so successful.”

Gayle Bowen, Head of Direct Company Investments at Wealth Club, echoed Lombard’s sentiments, highlighting PeppercornAI’s potential to drive significant industry-wide transformation:

We firmly believe that PeppercornAI possesses the capabilities to revolutionize the insurance sector. Nigel and his team’s extensive domain expertise and robust network position them as frontrunners in this endeavor. Their ability to validate the efficacy of their technology, coupled with remarkable performance metrics, played a pivotal role in securing investor confidence.

PeppercornAI’s latest funding round not only underscores investor confidence in the company’s vision but also heralds a new era of innovation within the insurance industry, propelled by advanced AI solutions.


PeppercornAI’s successful funding round signals growing investor confidence in the potential of AI to revolutionize the insurance sector. This injection of capital not only validates the company’s vision but also signifies a broader shift towards embracing advanced technologies to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences within the insurance industry.