Petrobras Saves $120 Million in Just Three Weeks with Automation Anywhere’s AI-Powered Automation

  • Petrobras, South America’s largest energy company, saved $120 million in three weeks using Automation Anywhere’s AI-driven automation.
  • Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users streamlined tax filings, leveraging AI to improve accuracy.
  • Petrobras plans to expand AI automation to other departments, anticipating over $1 billion in annual savings.
  • The company aims to invest savings in transitioning to sustainable energy sources like wind and solar power.

Main AI News:

In a remarkable feat of efficiency and innovation, Petrobras, the leading energy company in South America and Brazil, has reported savings of $120 million within a mere three weeks. This achievement was made possible through the implementation of Automation Anywhere’s Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users, a cutting-edge solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline operations across all facets of an organization.

With over 70 years of experience in ultra-deepwater oil and gas exploration, Petrobras is renowned for its commitment to technological advancement and operational excellence. Recognizing the potential to enhance the accuracy of its tax filings, Petrobras sought to bridge the gap between its extensive use of AI in exploration and production activities and its underutilization in administrative processes.

Leveraging Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users, Petrobras embarked on a transformative journey within its tax department. By leveraging natural language processing capabilities and the ability to work with unstructured document data, Petrobras deployed a new generative AI model powered by Automation Anywhere. In just three weeks, the company identified $120 million in savings, revolutionizing its tax filing system and process.

Carlos Barreto, CIO at Petrobras, expressed his enthusiasm for the transformative impact of AI-powered automation, stating, “We’re thrilled with our early results with Gen AI-powered automation to save us tens of millions of dollars in just a few short weeks.” Moving forward, Petrobras aims to leverage Automation Anywhere’s intelligent automation platform to optimize workflows across various business departments, driving productivity, cost savings, and improved business outcomes.

Building on its success in tax automation, Petrobras plans to extend the deployment of generative AI across key business functions, including HR, procurement, and finance. With anticipated annual savings exceeding $1 billion, Petrobras is poised to accelerate its transition to sustainable energy sources, including wind and solar power.

Adi Kuruganti, CPO at Automation Anywhere, commended Petrobras for its visionary approach to automation and AI integration, emphasizing the potential for substantial savings and operational efficiency. As Petrobras continues to scale automation initiatives, Automation Anywhere remains committed to supporting its journey toward enhanced cost savings, speed, and employee empowerment through AI-driven automation.


Petrobras’ remarkable success in leveraging Automation Anywhere’s AI-powered automation underscores the transformative potential of technology in driving efficiency and cost savings within the energy sector. As Petrobras continues to pioneer the adoption of AI across its operations, other players in the market are likely to follow suit, recognizing the substantial benefits of automation in optimizing processes, reducing expenses, and facilitating the transition to sustainable energy solutions. This signals a shift towards greater integration of AI technologies across the energy landscape, heralding a new era of innovation and competitiveness in the industry.