Philips collaborates with SyntheticMR to introduce cutting-edge AI-driven quantitative brain imaging in MRI, advancing neurological care for patients

  • Philips and SyntheticMR introduce Smart Quant Neuro 3D, revolutionizing brain imaging in MRI.
  • Smart Quant Neuro 3D offers automated measurements of brain tissues, aiding diagnosis and therapy assessment for disorders like MS, TBI, and dementia.
  • The technology combines Philips’ AI-based SmartSpeed image-reconstruction with SyntheticMR’s SyMRI NEURO 3D software.
  • Accurate measurement of brain tissue volume enhances diagnostic confidence, benefiting patient care.
  • Smart Quant Neuro 3D improves workflow efficiency, accelerating radiology department throughput.

Main AI News:

In the realm of healthcare technology, Royal Philips, a frontrunner in health technology, and SyntheticMR, a leading provider of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) software solutions, have jointly unveiled a groundbreaking innovation: Smart Quant Neuro 3D. This innovation marks a significant stride in furnishing objective decision support for diagnosing and assessing therapies for brain disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and dementia.

At #ECR2024, Philips stands shoulder to shoulder with healthcare providers, striving to enhance productivity and foster access to sustainable healthcare. The launch of Smart Quant Neuro 3D represents a pivotal moment in this collaborative effort.

The Smart Quant Neuro 3D technology ushers in a new era by offering automated measurements of various brain tissues. This functionality significantly bolsters decision-making processes related to brain diseases, facilitating better assessment of progression and therapy effectiveness.

An essential aspect of this innovation lies in its analysis of myelin volumes, which furnishes an objective evaluation of traumatic brain injuries. Previously, such injuries could only be diagnosed through symptom-based tests.

Smart Quant Neuro 3D amalgamates Philips’ AI-based SmartSpeed image-reconstruction technology, Philips 3D SyntAc clinical application, and SyntheticMR’s SyMRI NEURO 3D quantitative tissue assessment software. This powerful fusion equips healthcare providers with robust tools, instilling greater diagnostic confidence and ultimately benefiting patients.

Philips’ exclusive partnership with SyntheticMR positions it as the sole provider capable of offering SyMRI NEURO 3D capability on MR scanners. This exclusivity underscores Philips’ commitment to pioneering advancements in healthcare technology.

Accurate measurement of brain tissue volume and distribution is paramount in diagnosing brain diseases. However, traditional visual assessments of MR images often lack precision. Smart Quant Neuro 3D leverages the prowess of AI to deliver meticulously verified automatic 3D segmentation and volume measurement of brain tissues. This precise data empowers physicians in making informed diagnostic decisions, thereby enhancing patient care.

Ruud Zwerink, Business Leader of MR at Philips, emphasizes the significance of Smart Quant Neuro 3D in facilitating diagnoses of life-changing brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases. He underscores how this technology empowers clinicians with valuable quantitative data, facilitating proactive management of neurological conditions and optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

Dr. Julien Savatovsky, Neuroradiologist and Head of the Radiology Department at the Hospital Foundation Adolphe De Rothschild (Paris, France), underscores the transformative impact of Smart Quant Neuro 3D. He highlights its ability to streamline exams and explore quantitative metrics, thereby offering the potential for better patient stratification.

Smart Quant Neuro 3D’s efficacy in measuring myelin proves invaluable in diagnosing and intervening in TBI cases early. Furthermore, its ability to quantify myelin loss aids in assessing and tracking progressive brain diseases like multiple sclerosis.

The efficiency of Smart Quant Neuro 3D extends beyond diagnosis and assessment. Leveraging Philips’ AI-based MR SmartSpeed reconstruction technology and SyntheticMR’s SyMRI NEURO 3D software, the solution accelerates radiology department throughput, enhancing workflow efficiency for clinicians.


The collaboration between Philips and SyntheticMR to develop Smart Quant Neuro 3D signifies a significant leap forward in neurology care. The integration of advanced AI technologies with MRI imaging not only enhances diagnostic accuracy and workflow efficiency but also sets a new standard for neurological assessment and treatment. This innovation is poised to disrupt the market by providing healthcare providers with powerful tools to improve patient outcomes and streamline clinical operations. As the demand for advanced neurology care grows, solutions like Smart Quant Neuro 3D will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the future of medical imaging and patient care.