Photoroom, an AI-based image editing app from Paris, closes a $43 million funding round

  • Photoroom, an AI-based photo-editing app from Paris, secured $43 million in funding.
  • The funding round was led by Balderton Capital, with Aglaé and Y Combinator participating.
  • The investment values Photoroom at $500 million.
  • Photoroom processes 5 billion images annually and has 150 million downloads.
  • The company plans to use the funds to expand its workforce and invest in research and development.
  • Photoroom focuses on training its own AI models for product photography, aiming for superior performance.
  • New features like Photoroom Instant Diffusion streamline product photography for e-commerce sellers.
  • Investors like Bernard Liautaud from Balderton express confidence in Photoroom’s AI capabilities and vision.

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Photoroom, the innovative AI image editing platform, has successfully secured $43 million in its latest funding round, valuing the company at an impressive $500 million. This funding, led by Balderton Capital along with new investor Aglaé and previous supporter Y Combinator, underscores the growing prominence of Photoroom in the competitive market of AI-driven photo editing solutions.

With a staggering 5 billion images processed annually and over 150 million downloads, Photoroom has cemented its position as a go-to tool for both online businesses and casual users alike. The company, founded by Matthieu Rouif and Eliot Andres, continues to witness robust adoption amidst fierce competition from industry players like Picsart and Pixelcut.

The investment will fuel Photoroom’s expansion plans, focusing on scaling its workforce and bolstering research and development initiatives. Despite industry-wide layoffs, Photoroom remains committed to growth, aiming to double its current team of 50 employees by the year’s end.

Notably, Photoroom distinguishes itself by developing proprietary AI models tailored specifically for product photography. By investing in computational power and securing image rights, the company ensures superior performance and efficiency compared to its peers. Rouif emphasizes Photoroom’s dedication to empowering businesses with accessible yet powerful photo editing capabilities, enabling them to produce professional-quality images effortlessly.

In addition to its core offerings, Photoroom continues to innovate with the introduction of new features such as Photoroom Instant Diffusion, which is designed to streamline product photography for e-commerce sellers. With a suite of AI-generated backgrounds, scene expansions, and automated editing tools, Photoroom remains at the forefront of revolutionizing visual content creation.

Bernard Liautaud, managing partner at Balderton, expresses confidence in Photoroom’s trajectory, praising its unparalleled generative AI capabilities and unwavering commitment to user-centric innovation. As Photoroom continues to evolve in a rapidly changing landscape, its steadfast focus on empowering businesses and creators sets it apart as a leader in the field of AI-driven image editing.


Photoroom’s significant funding round signifies its growing prominence in the competitive market of AI-driven image editing solutions. With a focus on empowering businesses and creators with accessible yet powerful tools, Photoroom’s innovative approach to visual content creation is poised to disrupt the industry, setting new standards for efficiency and quality. This investment underscores the increasing demand for sophisticated AI technologies in the digital content creation space, positioning Photoroom as a leader in driving this transformative shift.