Polo Managing Agency’s Partnership with DXC Technology: Harnessing AI for Insurance Innovation


  • Polo Managing Agency (PMA) collaborates with DXC Technology for innovation.
  • The partnership introduces DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty, a cloud-based insurance solution.
  • DXC Assure aligns with Lloyd’s Blueprint Two for industry modernization.
  • PMA’s CEO emphasizes the importance of technology integration.
  • DXC Assure promises cost-effective, streamlined processes and a modern user experience.

Main AI News:

In a significant development within the Lloyd’s insurance market, Polo Managing Agency (PMA) has forged a strategic collaboration with DXC Technology, a Fortune 500 technology services giant. This dynamic partnership promises to revolutionize PMA’s services by harnessing DXC’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven solutions, representing a pivotal stride towards industry modernization.

At the heart of this collaboration lies the introduction of DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty, a robust cloud-based solution built on an API and microservice-oriented platform. This cutting-edge platform offers comprehensive insurance services, perfectly aligning with Lloyd’s of London’s modernization strategy, Blueprint Two. Under this strategic blueprint, insurers are called upon to embrace digitization and meet specific requirements by the end of 2024, a challenge that DXC Assure confidently tackles.

Paul Andrews, the Chief Executive Officer of PoloWorks and Polo Managing Agency, remarked, “As the market embraces digitization and the integration of new technological initiatives, Polo’s partnership with DXC places us in the best possible position to adopt and integrate modern technology and the emerging wave of machine learning initiatives starting to appear in our market.”

DXC Assure is meticulously designed to streamline processes while efficiently managing IT expenses, offering cost-effective solutions that can significantly benefit PMA’s managed syndicates and fortify Lloyd’s market. Furthermore, the platform provides users with a contemporary and visually engaging experience, ensuring an optimized workflow for insurance professionals.

DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty isn’t solely tailored to meet the evolving needs of PMA’s esteemed clientele; it also underpins the continued expansion of PMA’s turn-key managing agency, including its latest offering, Wildfire SIAB, Syndicate 1996.

By implementing DXC Assure as a service, PMA’s customers can anticipate substantial cost and time savings associated with the acquisition, management, and maintenance of hardware and software. Mark Broadhurst, Managing Director Insurance Europe of DXC Technology, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to work closely with PoloWorks. This service will allow their customers in the London Market to access a cost-effective and cutting-edge solution that will help them implement and reap the benefits of Blueprint Two.


Polo Managing Agency’s partnership with DXC Technology and the introduction of DXC Assure Commercial and Specialty mark a pivotal moment in the insurance industry. By embracing cutting-edge technology and aligning with Lloyd’s modernization strategy, PMA positions itself as a leader in the market. The cost-effective solutions and improved user experience offered by DXC Assure have the potential to drive significant savings and efficiency gains for PMA and its customers, ultimately contributing to a more competitive and forward-looking insurance market.