Prague-based Startup Apify Raises €2.8M for AI Data Mining

  • Apify secures €2.8 million funding for its web data extraction platform.
  • The platform specializes in web scraping and automating web-based workflows for AI data extraction.
  • Apify’s open marketplace offers over 1,500 cloud-based programs, attracting clients like Siemens and Microsoft.
  • Founded in 2015, Apify achieved €6.7 million in revenue and nearly €1 million in profit in 2023.
  • CEO Jan Čurn aims to accelerate growth with modest investment to maintain financial efficiency.
  • Venture capital firm J&T Ventures and existing investor Reflex Capital participate in the funding round.
  • Apify plans to allocate funds to marketing, product development, and expanding its developer community.

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Apify, a leading web data extraction platform, has successfully secured €2.8 million in funding, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory. The platform specializes in web scraping, empowering companies to extract valuable data from websites for AI applications. Furthermore, Apify’s innovative technology enables the automation of web-based workflows, streamlining processes traditionally performed manually in web browsers and executing them at scale in the cloud.

A cornerstone of Apify’s offerings is its open marketplace featuring a diverse array of cloud-based programs known as Actors. These Actors can be effortlessly deployed, shared, integrated, and expanded upon, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to users. With over 1,500 Actors available, Apify has garnered a broad client base, boasting industry giants such as Siemens, Intercom, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Accenture.

Established in 2015 through the Y Combinator Fellowship in Mountain View, California, Apify has exhibited remarkable financial performance, achieving a revenue of €6.7 million and a nearly €1 million profit in 2023. Notably, the company experienced an impressive 80% revenue growth in the final quarter of 2023 compared to the previous year.

Jan Čurn, the visionary founder and CEO of Apify, articulated the company’s strategic decision to pursue additional investment opportunities, stating, “Our last investment was secured in 2019, and Apify has been growing solely from its own profits in recent years. However, we now see an opportunity in the market to accelerate growth, which is why we have decided to seek further investment.” Emphasizing a prudent approach to funding, Čurn added, “Given our size, we opted for a relatively modest amount, as we didn’t want to disrupt the company with a massive influx of capital.”

The investment, led by venture capital firm J&T Ventures with participation from existing investor Reflex Capital, signifies a vote of confidence in Apify’s vision and capabilities. Martin Kešner from J&T Ventures expressed optimism about Apify’s trajectory, stating, “We have been following the journey of Apify with enthusiasm since 2016 when we first met Honza and Jakub.” Kešner highlighted Apify’s impressive technological prowess and global reach, underscoring its potential to emerge as a dominant player in the industry.

With the infusion of capital, Apify is poised to accelerate its growth initiatives, with a focus on marketing, product development, and nurturing its developer community. Additionally, as part of the investment round, the startup has augmented its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) pool to incentivize and reward its dedicated workforce, allocating approximately 15% of shares for employee participation.

As Apify charts its course towards continued expansion and innovation, fueled by strategic investments and a commitment to excellence, the company stands primed to solidify its position as a pioneering force in the realm of AI-driven data mining and automation.


Apify’s successful funding round underscores its potential to further disrupt the market for AI-driven data mining and automation. With a focus on strategic growth initiatives and a prudent approach to investment, Apify is poised to consolidate its position as a leader in the industry, attracting a diverse clientele and driving innovation in web data extraction technology. This signals a broader trend of increased investment and innovation in the AI data mining sector, as companies recognize the immense value of leveraging data for competitive advantage.