Praktika Raises $35.5M Series A to Transform Language Learning with AI Avatars

  • Praktika secures $35.5M Series A funding led by Blossom Capital to enhance language learning through AI avatars.
  • The app boasts 1.2 million active monthly users across 100 countries and generated nearly $20 million in revenue in the last year.
  • Praktika’s unique approach involves personalized AI avatars that mimic human interactions, offering a more natural learning experience.
  • The founding team brings expertise from Cleverbots, a previous AI service business catering to major companies.
  • Praktika utilizes advanced AI models such as GPT-4 and Gemini, continually refining its platform based on extensive user interaction data.
  • Notable investors like Carles Reina and Patrice Evra have shown confidence in Praktika’s vision, signaling strong industry support.

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Praktika, a language-learning app, is reshaping the landscape of language acquisition by introducing personalized AI avatars. Unlike traditional language-learning apps that rely on static interactions, Praktika offers users the experience of interacting with dynamic AI avatars, mimicking the nuances of human conversation. These avatars leverage inflections like tone of voice and emotions to create a more immersive and natural learning environment.

With 1.2 million active monthly users spanning across 100 countries, Praktika has emerged as a frontrunner in the language-learning market. The company reported a staggering revenue of nearly $20 million in the past year, underlining its rapid growth and widespread adoption.

To fuel its expansion plans, Praktika has successfully secured a $35.5 million Series A funding round led by Blossom Capital. This funding round comes on the heels of a previously undisclosed $2.5 million seed fundraise, with backing from prominent investors like Creator Ventures and Blue Wire Capital.

Praktika’s innovative approach revolves around AI avatars that tailor lessons based on user interactions. These avatars can simulate various accents, including American, British, Asian, and Indian, offering a personalized learning experience. As users engage more with the avatars, the lessons become increasingly customized, enhancing the effectiveness of language acquisition.

The company’s leadership team, comprising Adam Turaev (CEO), Anton Marin (CTO), and Ilya Chernyakov (CPO), brings a wealth of experience from their previous venture, Cleverbots. With a client roster boasting names like Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, and AstraZeneca, the team is well-versed in AI-driven solutions.

According to Adam Turaev, Praktika stands out in the crowded language-learning market by focusing on human-like interactions facilitated by AI avatars. Unlike traditional apps that rely on machine-to-human interactions, Praktika prioritizes tone of voice and natural conversation, setting it apart from its competitors.

In leveraging AI, Praktika employs a suite of cutting-edge models, including GPT-4, GP Turbo, Gemini, Claude, and Mistral. The company continuously refines its models using vast amounts of training data, resulting in an ever-evolving learning experience for users.

Ophelia Brown, managing partner of Blossom Capital, lauded Praktika’s innovative approach, stating, “Praktika’s founding team is leveraging AI to redefine language learning, offering a compelling alternative to traditional methods. Their commitment to creating a global platform has positioned them as a leader in the consumer AI space.”

The involvement of notable figures like Carles Reina (ElevenLabs) and Patrice Evra (five-time Premier League champion) underscores the industry’s confidence in Praktika’s vision. With over a million users already benefitting from its platform, Praktika is poised for exponential growth, paving the way for a revolution in language education.


Praktika’s successful Series A funding round underscores a growing demand for innovative language-learning solutions. By leveraging AI avatars to replicate human interactions, Praktika is poised to disrupt the market, offering a more personalized and engaging approach to language education. With substantial financial backing and a rapidly expanding user base, Praktika is well-positioned to lead the evolution of language learning in the digital age.