Qure.ai and deepc Forge AI-Enhanced Partnership for European and British Healthcare


  • Qure.ai and deepc partner to integrate AI tools into healthcare workflows in the EU and UK.
  • Integration focuses on enhancing care coordination and radiology processes.
  • Qure’s AI solutions for various medical imaging applications will be seamlessly integrated into deepcOS.
  • Aims to improve accuracy in radiological findings, reduce missed diagnoses, and streamline workflow.
  • This partnership signifies a commitment to advancing healthcare precision and efficiency.

Main AI News:

In a significant development for the healthcare industry, Qure.ai and deepc have joined forces to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the heart of patient care workflows across the European Union and the United Kingdom. This strategic collaboration marks a milestone in the realm of healthcare innovation, aiming to revolutionize care coordination and radiology processes.

Qure.ai, renowned for its prowess in deep learning and AI tools, is set to infuse its expertise into Deepc’s robust AI platform, deepcOS. This synergy is strategically tailored to enhance care coordination workflows, addressing the critical need for precision and efficiency in healthcare diagnostics.

The cornerstone of this partnership lies in the seamless integration of Qure’s AI solutions, spanning chest CTs, brain CTs, chest radiography, and musculoskeletal radiography, directly into deepcOS. By embedding these AI-driven capabilities, the collaboration aims to elevate the accuracy of radiological findings, minimize instances of overlooked critical information, and streamline the complex labyrinth of radiology workflow processes.

The core objective is clear: to empower healthcare professionals with a comprehensive suite of AI-enhanced tools that promise to revolutionize the landscape of patient care. Through this transformation, the integration endeavors to usher in a new era of healthcare precision and efficiency for both practitioners and patients.


The partnership between Qure.ai and deepc to integrate AI into healthcare workflows in the EU and UK is a significant development that holds the potential to transform the healthcare market. By enhancing care coordination and radiology processes, improving accuracy, and streamlining workflows, this collaboration addresses critical needs in the healthcare industry. It reflects a broader trend of leveraging AI to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, making it a promising development for the market’s future.