Rad AI Unveils Omni Unchanged: Transforming Radiology Reporting Efficiency


  • Rad AI introduces Omni Unchanged, a groundbreaking feature for radiology reporting.
  • Omni Unchanged enables radiologists to streamline follow-up exams, reducing reporting time by up to 50%.
  • The feature automatically extracts and integrates stable findings, allowing radiologists to focus on new or updated information.
  • Omni Reporting by Rad AI aims to enhance radiology efficiency with a “Speak Less, Say More” approach.
  • It supports seamless transition from existing reporting systems, minimizing training requirements.
  • The open architecture of Omni Reporting enables integration with AI vendors and PACS companies.
  • Rad AI’s commitment to innovation strengthens its position as a leader in radiology AI solutions.

Main AI News:

Rad AI, a rapidly growing AI company led by radiologists and recognized with AuntMinnie’s Best New Radiology Software award for 2023, is introducing a game-changing addition to Omni Reporting, known as Omni Unchanged. This groundbreaking feature is poised to revolutionize the field of radiology reporting, enabling radiologists to streamline complex follow-up exams by up to 50%, while utilizing up to 90% fewer words. The initial features of Omni Reporting were unveiled during Rad AI’s highly anticipated Launch Day event in late September, generating considerable excitement within the radiology community.

Omni Unchanged: Simplifying Reporting Workflow

Omni Unchanged is engineered to identify and extract stable and unaltered findings from prior reports, seamlessly integrating them into the radiologist’s preferred report template. Consequently, radiologists are only required to dictate new or updated findings. Even in cases involving multiple intricate findings, radiologists can simply input “Omni Unchanged” for exams that remain unchanged. These innovative capabilities represent a significant stride in Rad AI’s mission to streamline radiology reporting processes, empowering radiologists to operate more efficiently at the pinnacle of their expertise.

A Visionary Approach to Radiology

Dr. William Boonn, Chief Medical Officer of Rad AI, brings over two decades of experience as a practicing radiologist and user of speech recognition for radiology reporting. He expressed his enthusiasm for leading this transformative project, stating, “With Omni Reporting, we aspire to enable radiologists to refocus on their paramount responsibilities of analyzing imaging exams and delivering expert interpretations. Omni Unchanged elevates Rad AI’s commitment to automating repetitive tasks, alleviating cognitive strain, and enhancing radiologist efficiency to unprecedented heights.”

Elevating Radiology Efficiency: “Speak Less, Say More”

Omni Reporting builds upon Rad AI’s distinguished expertise in generative AI and a track record of cloud-native, high-performance modern radiology software. It strives to deliver a “Speak Less, Say More” experience, saving valuable time for radiologists and reducing cognitive burden. Omni Reporting is meticulously designed to facilitate a smooth transition from other reporting products, offering effortless importing of personal and system templates from existing reporting systems. It fully supports current microphone setups and hardware, minimizing the need for extensive training.

The Future of Radiology Reporting

Engineered with an unwavering focus on speed, precision, and performance, Omni Reporting empowers radiologists to automatically generate reports in their unique style and language. It achieves this by producing individually tailored impressions through Omni Impressions. The open architecture of Omni Reporting fosters seamless integration with imaging AI vendors and PACS companies, enabling radiology practices to develop and manage real-time analytics autonomously.

Innovative Architecture for the Future

John Paulett, Director of Engineering at Rad AI and the principal architect of Omni Reporting, emphasizes the forward-looking nature of this platform. “The development of Omni Reporting from the ground up, leveraging modern architecture and cutting-edge generative AI, positions Omni Reporting as the future-proof radiology platform. Our emphasis on speed, user-friendliness, and interoperability ensures effortless adoption into existing IT frameworks and future AI applications.”

Continued Innovation in Radiology

Rad AI’s introduction of Omni Unchanged at RSNA 2023 underscores its ongoing commitment to innovation in radiology. Building on the success of previous solutions such as Rad AI Omni Impressions, Continuity, and Nexus, Omni Unchanged is poised to redefine the standard for radiology reporting software, solidifying Rad AI’s position as a leader in radiology AI solutions.

Empowering Radiologists Worldwide

CEO Doktor Gurson reflects on Rad AI’s unique role in reshaping radiology reporting: “Rad AI stands as a pioneering force in the radiology reporting landscape. Having introduced large language models (LLMs) to radiology in 2018 with our Rad AI Omni Impression solution, we are now expanding the reach of our technology across various facets of radiology reporting workflow. We harness the power of generative AI in truly innovative ways to empower radiologists and usher in the next generation of radiology reporting. By transitioning from stagnation to innovation, we aim to enhance the daily work and lives of radiologists and patients worldwide.”


The introduction of Omni Unchanged by Rad AI represents a significant advancement in radiology reporting efficiency. This innovative feature, combined with the broader Omni Reporting platform, is poised to redefine industry standards. Radiology professionals can expect increased productivity and reduced cognitive load, making Rad AI a transformative force in the radiology market.