Reflectiz Enhances Smart Alerting System with AI-Powered Insights


  • Reflectiz introduces AI-driven enhancements to its Smart Alerting system.
  • The integration of AI LLM technology improves the accuracy and speed of threat detection.
  • The system offers intelligent recommendations and clear justifications for security decisions.
  • It swiftly identifies uncommon, malicious, or vulnerable components, boosting cybersecurity.
  • Reflectiz’s AI engine saves 25%-30% of time managing new alerts.
  • The AI engine simplifies PCI DSS compliance by automating justification generation.
  • Reflectiz offers a free PCI Dashboard for 30 days to support clients in meeting PCI DSS v4 requirements.
  • CEO Idan Cohen highlights the importance of these advancements for security and privacy.

Main AI News:

In a bold move towards advancing cybersecurity measures, Reflectiz, a leading expert in continuous web threat management, has unveiled an innovative enhancement to its Smart Alerting system. With the integration of cutting-edge AI LLM technology, Reflectiz is taking its traditional alerting tool to new heights, providing users with an unparalleled level of security.

The introduction of AI-powered insights is a game-changer for Reflectiz’s Smart Alerting system. This powerful addition leverages the capabilities of AI to cross-check alerts against Reflectiz’s extensive databases, ensuring their accuracy and relevance. Beyond this, it offers intelligent recommendations on the appropriate course of action, whether it’s safe to approve or warrants further investigation, all while delivering transparent justifications for each decision.

One of the standout features of this enhanced system is its ability to swiftly raise a flag when any component is flagged as uncommon, malicious, or vulnerable. This proactive approach empowers Reflectiz’s customers to detect and respond to malicious activities with unprecedented speed, effectively thwarting the latest cyber threats.

Statistically, new applications and domains are the most common sources of alerts, and the AI engine’s recommendations can translate into significant time savings, reducing the burden of managing new alerts by 25%-30%.

Simplifying PCI DSS Audits with Reflectiz’s AI-Powered Solutions

Meeting the stringent requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has never been easier, thanks to Reflectiz’s AI-driven capabilities. PCI DSS mandates the detection, approval, and justification of every script loaded on an application page. With Reflectiz’s AI engine, the process becomes streamlined and efficient.

When choosing to approve an application, the AI engine automatically generates justifications, eliminating the need for manual efforts. These rationales seamlessly integrate into the PCI report, as usual, resulting in a significant reduction in the time and resources typically allocated to PCI compliance.

In a move aimed at further assisting its valued clients, Reflectiz now offers a complimentary PCI Dashboard for 30 days. This invaluable resource enables organizations to align with the latest PCI DSS v4 requirements and bolster their web security effortlessly.

Idan Cohen, Reflectiz co-founder and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s latest development, stating, “Today, Reflectiz takes a significant step forward by integrating LLM into our alert system. This enhances our platform, enabling clear justifications within seconds and allowing security teams to respond swiftly to prevent security and privacy breaches.”


Reflectiz’s integration of AI-powered insights into its Smart Alerting system marks a significant leap in cybersecurity capabilities. This advancement allows for real-time validation of alerts and provides actionable recommendations, resulting in faster response times and reduced management efforts. The offering of a free PCI Dashboard further strengthens Reflectiz’s position in the market, making it a valuable resource for organizations seeking to enhance their web security and compliance.