Refreshworks Secures €750K Investment to Drive AI Transformation

  • Refreshworks raises €750K investment to accelerate AI transformation in Dutch businesses.
  • Founded by Diederik Klever and Ebel Slijp, Refreshworks has been supporting Dutch enterprises since 2016.
  • The company offers consultancy, AI solution development, and training programs to equip businesses with AI skills.
  • Eleven angel investors, specializing in AI technology, compliance, safety, and consultancy, participated in the funding round.
  • Investor Simon Neefjes highlights AI’s importance in enhancing competitiveness and innovation within enterprises.
  • Ebel Slijp emphasizes the necessity of widespread AI adoption for maintaining Dutch economic vitality.
  • With this funding, Refreshworks aims to further its growth and position the Dutch business community as a leader in the 4th industrial revolution.

Main AI News:

In a recent development, Refreshworks has successfully raised €750.000 in funding. Established by Dutch entrepreneurs Diederik Klever and Ebel Slijp, Refreshworks, headquartered in The Hague, has been at the forefront of facilitating AI transformation within Dutch enterprises since its inception in 2016. The company focuses on equipping businesses and organizations with the requisite knowledge, expertise, and technology to navigate the complexities of AI integration.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, Refreshworks specializes in consultancy and AI solution development. Leveraging meticulous business scans, the company identifies potential AI implementations and assesses their impact. Subsequently, it devises tailored strategies, roadmaps, and implementation plans to guide clients through the transformation process. Furthermore, Refreshworks deploys interim teams comprising AI architects and engineers to seamlessly integrate AI solutions into clients’ existing frameworks, ensuring uninterrupted support throughout the transition phase. To complement these efforts, the company provides comprehensive training programs aimed at upskilling clients and their workforce, thus fostering a culture of AI proficiency essential for sustained success.

With a robust track record spanning over 250 partnerships with industry leaders such as AkzoNobel, Brunel, and Girav, and having trained over 2,500 professionals, Refreshworks has positioned itself as a trusted ally in the realm of AI transformation. Notably, the funding round saw participation from eleven angel investors specializing in AI technology, compliance, safety, and consultancy, underscoring the growing significance of AI in today’s business landscape.

Simon Neefjes, founder of TBWA\NEBOKO and one of the investors, emphasized the pivotal role of AI in enhancing competitiveness and driving innovation within enterprises. He lauded Refreshworks for its adeptness in demystifying AI and facilitating seamless integration of AI solutions to drive business growth.

Ebel Slijp, Founder and Managing Partner of Refreshworks, echoed this sentiment, stressing the imperative of widespread AI adoption in the Dutch business ecosystem. He highlighted AI’s transformative potential in not only fueling growth and innovation but also in safeguarding the nation’s economic vitality on a global scale.

Bolstered by this funding infusion, Refreshworks is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory and advance its mission of positioning the Dutch business community as a frontrunner in the 4th industrial revolution.


Refreshworks’ successful funding round underscores the increasing importance of AI integration in the Dutch business landscape. As enterprises strive to maintain competitiveness and drive innovation, investments in AI transformation solutions like Refreshworks are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the market.