Reimagining Media: Qvest Unveils GenAI Innovations & Integrated Solutions at NAB Show 2024 

  • Qvest, a leader in digital transformation in broadcast and media, showcases at NAB Show 2024.
  • Focus on AI integration and cutting-edge media workflow solutions.
  • CEO Peter Nöthen emphasizes Qvest’s commitment to leading digital transformation.
  • GenAI solutions optimize CRM, empower ad sales teams, streamline content licensing, and automate marketing asset creation.
  • TV Buddy offers Conversational AI to boost viewer interaction.
  • qibb platform automates scalable workflows across the media supply chain.
  • Features include low-code workflow engine, generic connectors, and integration of over 100 AI applications.
  • Qvest participates in pre-events to explore industry trends and share insights.

Main AI News:

Qvest, an esteemed pioneer in digital transformation within broadcast, media, and entertainment realms, is gearing up for its presence at NAB Show 2024. Situated at booth W2821 within the Las Vegas Convention Center, the global entity’s engagement underscores a profound emphasis on the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the amalgamation of state-of-the-art media workflow solutions.

In an epoch where digital metamorphosis heralds novel experiences and resolves intricate dilemmas, Qvest is capitalizing on the prowess of Generative AI (GenAI). “Qvest is at the forefront of the digital transformation odyssey, not merely following but spearheading with ingenious solutions tailored to present and future requisites,” remarks Peter Nöthen, CEO at Qvest. “Our exhibition at NAB Show 2024, especially our strides in GenAI, epitomizes our dedication to enriching the media supply chain and furnishing our clientele with the tools to adeptly navigate the evolving digital terrain.”

A Comprehensive Insight into GenAI Qvest’s exposition serves as a testament to the tangible applications and advantages of Generative AI in media realms. From optimizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and empowering ad sales teams with an LLM Copilot, to streamlining content licensing and automating marketing asset creation, Qvest’s GenAI solutions proffer scalable and efficacious responses to the sector’s most pressing quandaries. Furthermore, Qvest elucidates the tangible benefits of GenAI through its offerings. For instance, TV Buddy showcases a Conversational AI service capable of markedly augmenting viewer interaction and engagement.

In tandem with these technological advancements, Qvest will spotlight its partner solution and integration platform, qibb, an iPaaS meticulously crafted to automate scalable workflows across the entire media supply chain leveraging a low-code workflow engine. This innovative platform squarely addresses the burgeoning demand within the industry for seamless, secure, dynamically adaptive, and cost-effective operations. Key features encompass:

  • Streamlined automation of manual media workflows and inefficient processes via a user-friendly low-code workflow engine equipped with customizable dashboards.
  • Adaptable testing, integration, and substitution of applications in the rapidly evolving GenAI product landscape facilitated through generic connectors.
  • Smooth and profound integration of AI applications via a repository boasting over 100 applications, inclusive of more than 20 pre-integrated AI applications.
  • Diminished reliance on external collaborators and manufacturers, alongside reduced implementation costs and accelerated internal learning curves.

Interacting with Industry Trends and Data Insights “We’re not merely disseminating anecdotal narratives; we’re spotlighting tangible insights that mirror industry trends and the business ramifications of GenAI in media,” adds Vanessa Fiola, Qvest US GenAI Practice Co-Leader. “This dedication underscores Qvest’s stature as a vanguard of thought, primed to shape industry dialogue at NAB Show 2024 and beyond.”

Even prior to the NAB Show unfurling its doors to the exhibition halls, Qvest luminaries are actively participating in pre-events such as the Devoncroft Summit, the Sports Video Group (SVG) Chairman’s Forum, and the Streaming Summit to probe industry trends and disseminate pivotal insights.


Qvest’s unveiling of GenAI innovations and integrated solutions at NAB Show 2024 underscores a significant shift in the media landscape towards AI-driven efficiency and automation. Their comprehensive showcase signals a commitment to leading digital transformation and addressing industry challenges head-on, positioning Qvest as a thought leader poised to influence the trajectory of the media market.