Relativity6 partners with Funding Metrics to integrate AI-driven industry classification in financial services

  • Relativity6 collaborates with Funding Metrics to revolutionize financial decision-making through AI-driven industry classification solutions.
  • The partnership aims to enhance receivables financing and business lending decisions using advanced predictive modeling and robust analytics.
  • CEOs Alan Ringvald and David Frascella express enthusiasm for the collaboration, foreseeing improved risk management, operational efficiency, and customer outcomes.
  • The synergy between Relativity6 and Funding Metrics represents a significant advancement in deploying AI and analytics within the financial sector.

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In a groundbreaking move set to redefine financial decision-making, Relativity6, a trailblazer in AI-driven industry classification solutions, has joined forces with Funding Metrics, a premier provider of receivables financing in the financial sector. This strategic collaboration signals a monumental shift towards harnessing artificial intelligence to reshape receivables financing and business lending strategies. By fusing Relativity6’s cutting-edge predictive modeling with Funding Metrics’ robust analytics, the partnership aims to empower Financing Metrics with sharper financing insights, refined portfolio management, and elevated client interactions.

We’re thrilled to align with Funding Metrics, integrating our top-tier AI classification technology into the realm of alternative lending,” expressed Alan Ringvald, CEO of Relativity6. “Through the fusion of artificial intelligence and advanced LLMs, we’re dedicated to enabling lenders to bolster risk management, streamline operations, and drive superior customer outcomes.”

David Frascella, CEO of Funding Metrics, echoed Ringvald’s sentiments, highlighting the collaboration’s pivotal role in reshaping business financing norms. “This partnership signifies a pivotal juncture in financial practices. By amalgamating our profound data analytics proficiency with Relativity6’s advanced AI prowess, we’re on the brink of transforming how financial institutions evaluate credit risks, expedite credit approvals, and fuel expansion.”

The synergy between Relativity6 and Funding Metrics epitomizes a quantum leap in deploying artificial intelligence and sophisticated analytics within the financial landscape. Leveraging their collective acumen, these frontrunners are primed to unveil transformative solutions that spur innovation, operational efficiency, and bottom-line growth for financial entities and their clientele.


The partnership between Relativity6 and Funding Metrics represents a pivotal moment in financial services, marking the integration of advanced AI and analytics into industry practices. This collaboration is poised to revolutionize risk assessment, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences, signifying a transformative shift toward innovation and efficiency in the financial market.