ReSource Pro Debuts Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Policy Validation Service

  • ReSource Pro launches Policy Insights ExpressCheck, an AI-powered solution for policy validation.
  • ExpressCheck streamlines policy checking processes for agents and brokers, offering time savings and operational efficiency.
  • The service integrates seamlessly with any agency management system and provides detailed insights into agents’ portfolios.
  • ReSource Pro celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Policy Insights and its AdvanceCheck offering, showcasing its commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Testimonials highlight the transformative impact of Policy Insights on operational efficiency and decision-making within insurance agencies.

Main AI News:

In a move set to revolutionize policy validation for agents and brokers, ReSource Pro has unveiled Policy Insights ExpressCheck, a groundbreaking AI-driven solution. Leveraging over twenty years of expertise in intricate policy validation services, ReSource Pro’s ExpressCheck harnesses advanced technology previously accessible only through specialized services, now placing it at the fingertips of account managers in a user-friendly self-service format.

Brittany Boyer, ReSource Pro’s Vice President of Product, heralded the launch, stating, “This marks the dawn of a new era in policy validation and analytics. With its debut, ExpressCheck instantly delivers time efficiencies, optimizes workflows, and elevates operational efficacy across the spectrum. It autonomously cross-references policies against expiring policies, proposals, or quotes, seamlessly integrating with any agency management system.”

Policy Insights has evolved into a truly extraordinary tool within the agent and broker arena,” remarked Amber Brethouwer, Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts at ReSource Pro. “As the pioneering product to derive actionable insights from standardized policy validation, we’ve continually refined it in collaboration with our clients and the evolving market landscape.” She added, “By introducing ExpressCheck, Policy Insights broadens its platform capabilities to swiftly and accurately process diverse policy documents, a departure from the limited forms typical of traditional policy validation platforms. This solution furnishes comprehensive insights into agents’ portfolios, delineating error rates by employee, carrier, and line of business.”

This milestone coincides with the ten-year anniversary of Policy Insights and its comprehensive AdvanceCheck service, which has cemented its status as a premier policy validation solution in the insurance sector, underscoring ReSource Pro’s commitment to client satisfaction.

Kristy Lambert, Director of Strategic Agency Solutions at the Horton Group, lauded the impact of Policy Insights, affirming, “It has revolutionized our operations, sparing us countless hours of manual labor while pinpointing potential liabilities. The Account Manager Portal has transformed our team dynamics, empowering managers to swiftly guide our Resource Pro Team. Every aspect, from requesting changes to determining action plans, can be executed with ease. The Analytics Dashboard allows us to identify policy discrepancies, flag overdue tasks, and access detailed performance metrics, facilitating data-driven decisions and continuous enhancement.”


ReSource Pro’s introduction of Policy Insights™ ExpressCheck signifies a significant advancement in the insurance market, offering agents and brokers a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and decision-making. With its AI-driven capabilities and comprehensive insights, ExpressCheck has the potential to reshape how policy validation is conducted, setting a new standard for the industry.