Revolutionizing Tourism: Artificial Intelligence Takes Center Stage in Turismo de Canarias’s Exhibition


  • Turismo de Canarias presents an “Extraordinary Island” ad challenging viewers to differentiate between real and AI-filtered photos.
  • Live recreation of the images using cutting-edge techniques in Madrid until July 9.
  • Artificial intelligence utilizes visitors’ perceptions to generate images reflecting the reality of the Canary Islands.
  • The exhibition showcases the capabilities of AI and offers interactive activities for visitors.
  • The Canary Islands aim to promote the destination nationally, enhancing their air program with 3.5 million seats.
  • Increased tourism arrivals and turnover demonstrate the archipelago’s growing popularity.

Main AI News:

In a captivating display of technological marvels, Turismo de Canarias has brought forth its latest masterpiece: ‘Extraordinary Island,’ an advertisement that poses an intriguing challenge to viewers. This exceptional campaign prompts individuals to discern between genuine photographs and those that have been ingeniously filtered through the lens of artificial intelligence.

Now, these remarkable images have materialized before our eyes in an extraordinary live recreation, employing a cutting-edge technique at a dedicated venue located in the heart of Madrid (Gran Vía 54). This awe-inspiring exhibition will continue to mesmerize visitors until Sunday, 9 July.

To craft these mind-bending artificial images, Turismo de Canarias sought the invaluable insights and perceptions of countless patrons, who, through the power of social networks, conveyed what the enchanting islands truly signify to them. These intricate details were seamlessly integrated into the realm of artificial intelligence, resulting in imagery that flawlessly captures the essence of these magical islands. Leveraging advanced tools such as Chat GPT and static diffusion, the latter of which aids in reconstructing high-fidelity digital images, Turismo de Canarias has transcended the boundaries of imagination.

The landscapes of the Canary Islands are so extraordinary that one might mistake them for creations of artificial intelligence. Thus, through this initiative, we endeavor to emphasize that despite the revolutionary role played by AI in various sectors, including tourism, the captivating reality of our environment and landscapes surpasses even the realm of imagination,” elucidates Elena González Vazquez de Parga, Project Director of MK and Communications at Canary Islands Tourism.

This pioneering pop-up store beckons the public, allowing them to witness the boundless capabilities of artificial intelligence and discover the unrivaled allure of the islands through an array of captivating activities. Visitors will have the chance to engage in interactive games that test their ability to discern between AI-generated landscapes and genuine photographs of the Canary Islands, along with various other immersive experiences.

With this visionary endeavor, the Canary Islands seek to propel their destination to new heights on the national stage. In light of the forthcoming summer months and the influx of tourists, the archipelago has fortified its air program, augmenting its capacity with a staggering 3.5 million seats.

During the initial five months of this year, nearly seven million tourists flocked to the Canary Islands, signifying a remarkable 20.4% surge compared to the same period last year. The tourism sector’s financial performance has also exhibited a commendable upswing, with turnover in the first quarter of 2023 amounting to a staggering €5,353 million, outshining the €3,684 million recorded during the corresponding period of 2022.

And now, as the curtains draw to a close on this remarkable exhibition, one can only marvel at the fusion of artistry and technology that has brought the Canary Islands’ wonders to life. The legacy of artificial intelligence in the realm of tourism stands strong, forever altering our perceptions and leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of our travels.


Turismo de Canarias’s use of artificial intelligence in their exhibition signifies a significant advancement in the tourism market. By leveraging AI to recreate images reflecting the true essence of the Canary Islands, they demonstrate the power of technology in enhancing the visitor experience. This exhibition serves as a testament to the boundless capabilities of AI and highlights the importance of innovation in driving tourism growth. With increased arrivals and turnover, the Canary Islands are poised to capture a larger market share and solidify their position as a premier tourist destination.