Revolutionizing Travel Industry: Generative AI’s Impact on Home Vetting


  • Doron Meyassed, CEO of Plum Guide, discusses the transformative potential of generative AI in the travel industry.
  • Plum Guide transitioned from human-driven vetting to AI-led curation, achieving a 91% match rate with creative AI.
  • Generative AI aids in vetting homes remotely, pooling reviews, and producing listings with exceptional efficiency.
  • Challenges include occasional inaccuracies, necessitating iterative refinement and human oversight.
  • The travel industry sees potential in personalized trip planning and AI-driven customer service.
  • Text-based searching is a future innovation, offering users tailored search results based on detailed descriptions.
  • AI’s ability to expose mediocrity reshapes the sector, enhancing guest experiences.
  • Plum Guide’s vision entails refining AI for better success rates while maintaining the human touch in interactions.

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In the dynamic landscape of the travel industry, Doron Meyassed, the visionary co-founder and CEO of Plum Guide, a leading rental home provider, has emerged as a trailblazer, offering profound insights into the realm of generative AI and its profound influence on the sector. As we delve into the evolution and impact of this innovative technology, it’s evident that Meyassed’s strategic embrace of AI has not only redefined the way rental homes are curated but also set a precedent for the fusion of technology and hospitality.

Embarking on this transformative journey three years ago, Plum Guide has undergone a remarkable transition from relying on predominantly human-driven vetting processes to embracing a sophisticated AI-led curation approach. The initial phase involved training an AI model to discern and evaluate homes based on aesthetic parameters. This innovative approach entailed imparting the model with Plum Guide’s intricate design standards, meticulously crafted from the cumulative analysis of thousands of approved homes and millions rejected due to design shortcomings. This dynamic model evolution has yielded an impressive 91% alignment between Plum Guide’s discerning creative director’s standards and those met by the creative AI.

Plum Guide’s current engagement with generative AI unfolds across three strategic domains:

  • Vetting of Homes: The cornerstone of Plum’s proposition rests upon meticulous home vetting, culminating in the selection of the top 1% of homes across three price tiers in every market. An erstwhile manual process, characterized by on-site assessments and the collection of an extensive dataset, has seamlessly transitioned into a realm where AI models, with remarkable parity, undertake remote vetting.
  • Review Synthesis: A monumental leap in leveraging AI lies in the synthesis of public reviews. AI assimilates keywords and sentiment from myriad reviews to construct an initial assessment of homes against Plum’s standards, encompassing cleanliness, amenities, and overall guest experience. This approach culminates in a confidence score along with the identification of any potential red flags.
  • Listing Production: The culmination of AI advancements in OpenAI and ChatGPT materializes in the transformative overhaul of Plum Guide’s listing creation process. AI orchestrates the naming of homes, crafting evocative descriptions in Plum’s distinctive style and even delving into guest sentiment to sculpt the unique “home truths” section – a candid compilation of a home’s less glamorous aspects. This transition has truncated listing creation time from 60 to 15 minutes, significantly boosting efficiency and efficacy.

Innovation often contends with challenges, and generative AI is no exception. Plum Guide acknowledges the challenge of occasional inaccuracies, where the AI’s confident outputs are inadequately substantiated by available data. Iterative refinement of prompts and methods is a strategic countermeasure, bolstering the quality of output. Notably, AI-driven copy production, exemplified in home naming, remains a work in progress. Human oversight safeguards the process from anomalies, as AI has, on occasions, labeled homes with off-putting monikers like “The Dustbin” or “I’m A Basement Dweller.”

The impact of generative AI resonates beyond internal operations, extending its transformative tendrils throughout the travel industry. The future portends a paradigm shift, with personalized trip planning and AI-driven customer service poised as frontrunners in leveraging the potential of generative AI. A groundbreaking innovation lies in text-based searching, envisioning a scenario where users articulate their preferences in intricate detail, allowing AI to unearth the perfect abode or hotel, aligning precisely with their aspirations.

Plum Guide’s enthusiasm for AI is further amplified by its ability to discern hidden mediocrity. It is AI’s unique ability to unmask seemingly impressive accommodations that falter in actuality, thanks to the discrepancy between surface allure and genuine experience. As AI debunks mediocrity, it stands poised to revolutionize the travel landscape, endowed with vast data repositories, a critical consumer problem, and the promise of substantial rewards for pioneers.

Peering into the horizon, Plum Guide anticipates a future where generative AI continues to thrive. The aspiration to attain near-perfect alignment with human vetting rates, nearing the elusive 100%, is a testament to the dedication towards AI refinement. As innovation gallops forward, AI’s role in augmenting customer experiences is poised to amplify, fortified by a commitment to preserve the invaluable essence of human interaction. The symbiosis of technology and genuine human care places Plum Guide at the forefront of this transformative journey, an exemplar of harmonious coexistence.


The integration of generative AI into Plum Guide’s operations represents a paradigm shift in the travel industry. This innovative approach has enabled more efficient and accurate home vetting, review analysis, and listing production. While challenges persist, AI’s potential to enhance customer experiences and unveil hidden quality underscores its transformative role. As the market evolves, those who effectively balance AI advancements with human interaction are poised to redefine excellence in the travel and hospitality sector.