Rocket Lab’s largest Electron launch deal yet with Synspective

  • Rocket Lab secures its largest Electron launch deal with Japanese Earth observation firm Synspective.
  • Agreement includes ten additional launches between 2025 and 2027, following successful completion of four missions since 2020.
  • Synspective gains control over launch schedules and deployment parameters, enhancing constellation expansion capabilities.
  • Collaboration highlighted as pivotal in supporting Japan’s rapidly growing space industry and fostering international trade opportunities.
  • New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon underscores significance of contract in boosting bilateral relations and global market presence.

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Rocket Lab has unveiled its most substantial Electron launch contract to date: a ten-launch agreement with Synspective, a leading Japanese Earth observation firm. The historic deal was announced at an event in Tokyo, graced by Rocket Lab’s founder and CEO Sir Peter Beck, Synspective’s founder and CEO Dr Motoyuki Arai, and New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

Since 2020, Rocket Lab has been the exclusive launch provider for Synspective, successfully completing four missions for the company. This partnership commenced with the deployment of Synspective’s first satellite in its synthetic aperture radar (SAR) constellation, aimed at delivering high-resolution imagery capable of detecting millimeter-level changes on Earth’s surface from space.

To date, Rocket Lab has conducted four dedicated Electron missions for Synspective, deploying four StriX satellites. The new agreement encompasses an additional 10 dedicated launches scheduled between 2025 and 2027. Furthermore, two launches are slated for this year from Rocket Lab’s Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand.

As the sole payload aboard the Electron rocket, Synspective gains control over launch schedules and precise deployment parameters for each satellite, facilitating the expansion of their constellation to meet specific needs and enhance customer coverage.

Sir Peter Beck, Rocket Lab’s founder and CEO, expressed gratitude: “We are privileged that Synspective has once again chosen Rocket Lab to deploy their constellation. We are proud to be their launch partner for another ten missions, marking our largest launch contract to date. Japan’s space industry is experiencing rapid growth, and we are thrilled to support this growth through our unique collaboration between a US rocket provider and a New Zealand launch site, offering unparalleled access to orbit for Japanese small satellites.”

Dr Motoyuki Arai added: “We are delighted to finalize an agreement with Rocket Lab for the launch of 10 new satellites. This agreement provides a strong foundation and confidence, leveraging Rocket Lab’s innovative launch capabilities. We aim to accelerate the expansion of our satellite constellation and enhance our service offerings going forward. We appreciate Rocket Lab’s pivotal role in advancing our business. We will continue to develop an analytics platform enabling visualization and analysis of global environmental and economic activities, starting with the development of a SAR satellite constellation. These initiatives are aimed at promoting sustainable human activities for our generation and addressing the challenges posed by a changing global environment and dwindling resources.”

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon remarked: “New Zealand’s space technology innovation is rapidly gaining international recognition in this burgeoning industry. I am delighted to witness the signing of this significant contract during my inaugural visit to Japan as Prime Minister – a clear indication of the numerous opportunities to bolster trade and prosperity between our two nations. Collaboration with international partners is pivotal to enabling our space industry to maximize its potential on the global stage.


Rocket Lab’s substantial ten-launch agreement with Synspective marks a significant milestone in the satellite launch industry. This partnership not only solidifies Rocket Lab’s position as a leading launch provider but also underscores the burgeoning growth of Japan’s space sector. With enhanced capabilities and strategic collaborations, both Rocket Lab and Synspective are poised to capitalize on expanding global demand for small satellite launches, reinforcing their foothold in the competitive international market.