Sabre Unveils Lodging AI: A Game-Changer in Travel Industry’s Pursuit of Personalization


  • Sabre Corporation introduces Lodging AI, a breakthrough in travel technology.
  • Powered by Sabre Travel AI™, it enhances lodging options for travelers.
  • Lodging AI employs machine learning to customize lodging choices based on traveler preferences.
  • Two micro-services were unveiled: “Alternate Properties” and “Cross-Sell Excellence.”
  • Available through Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360.
  • Aims to boost travel agencies’ revenue and efficiency, offering tailored options.
  • Corporate travel managers benefit from improved duty of care and reporting.
  • Strategic partnership with Google enriches Sabre Travel AI™ with advanced capabilities.
  • Lodging AI drives innovation, transforming travel industry dynamics.

Main AI News:

In a significant stride towards redefining the landscape of the global travel industry, Sabre Corporation, a pioneering software and technology provider, has announced the much-anticipated launch of Lodging AI. This cutting-edge offering marks the debut of Sabre Travel AI™ capabilities within the lodging sector, bringing a potent enhancement to the already formidable arsenal of Content Services for Lodging.

Lodging AI is poised to revolutionize the way travel agencies approach their hotel offerings. With its ingenious deployment of Sabre Travel AI™ machine learning models, this innovative tool delves into an intricate analysis of property attributes, customer trip segmentation, and traveler-agency preferences. The outcome is nothing short of remarkable—custom lodging options that resonate uniquely with each traveler. Not only does this streamline the booking process, but it also opens up a realm of new revenue opportunities, propelling travel agencies to new heights.

Garry Wiseman, the astute Chief Product Officer at Sabre, stated, “The fusion of artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, including individual profiles and preferences, emerges as a formidable force in mitigating complexities within the travel booking process.” Wiseman continued, “Lodging AI, as an evolutionary leap in our intelligent retailing capabilities, a result of our strategic alliance with Google, empowers agents to optimize their workflows with personalized outcomes. This, in turn, ensures that travelers access the most pertinent options available.”

Lodging AI’s debut introduces two impactful micro-services, with the promise of more in the offing: 

  • Alternate Properties: During the critical shopping phase, when a requested property isn’t available, this micro-service seamlessly steps in. Lodging AI presents up to 20 relevant alternatives, each sharing similar characteristics, ensuring travelers are presented with ample choices. 
  • Cross-Sell Excellence: This micro-service identifies instances of air bookings or itineraries lacking lodging accommodations. It then goes on to expertly recommend suitable lodging options to complete the holistic travel experience.

Accessed via Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360, Lodging AI promises to elevate the customer experience, delivering lodging options harmonizing perfectly with air travel bookings. This strategic approach translates into heightened profitability as Sabre customers gain a larger share of their traveler’s spending. Notably, corporate travel managers will witness elevated duty of care and reporting, as more trip components find a place within a PNR. Meanwhile, travelers stand to benefit from tailor-made options, tailored according to their desires.

Andres Pelaez, CEO and Co-Founder of Ultra Group, affirmed Sabre’s pioneering role, saying, “Sabre has consistently proven to be our esteemed travel technology partner, driving innovation that has transformed both our company and the services we offer.” Pelaez further elaborated, “In our ongoing collaboration, we are primed to introduce AI integrations, presenting hotel suggestions based on flight itineraries for a seamless cross-selling experience. We also plan to offer alternative accommodation choices based on user preferences and search parameters when certain options aren’t available. These AI-driven tools are set to elevate efficiency and enhance customer experiences across our diverse business platforms.


Sabre’s introduction of Lodging AI, powered by the cutting-edge Sabre Travel AI™ technology, heralds a new era of personalized travel experiences. With its machine learning-driven customization and strategic micro-services, it not only empowers travel agencies to offer tailored options but also augments corporate travel management. This innovative leap, backed by a decade-long partnership with Google, signals a significant transformation in the travel market. Lodging AI’s potential to streamline processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost revenue positions it as a game-changer, reshaping the industry’s landscape.