Sabre Unveils Lodging AI: A New Milestone in Intelligent Solutions for the Travel Industry


  • Sabre Corporation introduces Lodging AI, powered by Sabre Travel AI™, marking a significant advancement in the travel technology sector.
  • Lodging AI enhances Content Services for Lodging, enabling travel agencies to optimize hotel attachment rates, generate additional revenue, and offer personalized lodging options.
  • The new capability employs machine learning models to analyze property attributes, customer trip segmentation, and preferences, delivering tailored lodging recommendations.
  • Micro-services include presenting alternative lodging options and cross-selling relevant accommodations for seamless travel experiences.
  • Accessible via Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360, Lodging AI enhances traveler value, revenue capture, and duty of care for corporate clients.
  • Sabre Travel AI™, a result of Sabre’s partnership with Google, exemplifies cutting-edge AI technology integrated across solutions to deliver personalized content and stimulate growth.

Main AI News:

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a trailblazing force in software and technology for the global travel sector, has taken another giant leap forward with the introduction of Lodging AI. This cutting-edge addition harnesses the power of Sabre Travel AI™, propelling the company’s capabilities into the realm of lodging, while fortifying the might of Content Services for Lodging.

Lodging AI stands ready to revolutionize travel agencies’ hotel attachment rates, forging pathways to increased revenue streams and ushering travelers into a realm of tailor-made lodging experiences. By leveraging the predictive prowess of Sabre Travel AI™, this novel lodging capability dissects property attributes, segments customer trips, and deciphers traveler and agency inclinations, all to furnish bespoke lodging options that are primed for bookings.

The intersection of artificial intelligence and data-driven insights, including profiles and preferences, crafts a formidable toolset aimed at eradicating complexities from the travel booking process. Sabre’s Chief Product Officer, Garry Wiseman, accentuates the point: “In the journey of retailing capabilities bolstered by our strategic nexus with Google, Lodging AI emerges as the embodiment of enhanced personalization. This augmentation equips agents with results that refine their operational efficiencies and empowers travelers to secure the most pertinent choices at their disposal.

Commencing its journey, Lodging AI unfurls two micro-services, with a roadmap for additional use cases to follow suit in the foreseeable future.

  1. Alternate Proposals: In instances where a requested property is unavailable during the exploratory phase, this micro-service from Lodging AI sweeps in, showcasing up to 20 analogous options characterized by akin attributes.
  2. Cross-Channel Upsell: This particular micro-service employs its prowess to identify scenarios wherein air bookings or itineraries stand unaccompanied by lodging arrangements. It steps up to the plate by offering suitable lodging alternatives, thus ensuring a seamless, holistic travel experience.

The prowess of Lodging AI is accessible through Content Services for Lodging APIs and Sabre Red 360. This strategic access empowers Sabre’s clientele to elevate traveler value by extending pertinent lodging options alongside air travel bookings, thereby clinching a more substantial portion of the travel wallet. Corporate travel managers stand to gain through improved duty of care and comprehensive reporting, thanks to the integration of diverse trip components within a single Passenger Name Record (PNR). Meanwhile, travelers reap the rewards of more nuanced choices that mirror their distinct preferences.

Andres Pelaez, CEO and Co-Founder of Ultra Group, underscores Sabre’s pivotal role: “In the dynamic realm of travel technology, Sabre has emerged as our steadfast partner of choice. Their unyielding commitment to innovation has been the cornerstone of our transformation, reshaping both our company and the services we provide.” Pelaez adds, “Our ongoing collaboration has set the stage for AI-driven integrations that will redefine customer experiences. From suggesting hotels based on flight itineraries to offering alternative accommodations when the first choice is unavailable, these AI-driven tools are poised to elevate efficiency and enrich the customer journey across our entire business spectrum.”


Sabre’s introduction of Lodging AI signifies a transformative leap within the travel technology landscape. By infusing advanced AI capabilities into lodging services, Sabre not only empowers travel agencies to optimize revenue and personalization but also cements its role as an industry trailblazer. The convergence of AI and travel services is set to reshape market dynamics, ushering in an era where tailored experiences and streamlined processes take center stage. As travel continues to evolve, Sabre’s innovative approach is poised to shape a more efficient, personalized, and profitable future for the entire industry.