Schibsted’s AI Empowerment Initiative: Transforming Workforce Readiness

  • Schibsted implements comprehensive AI initiatives for its workforce.
  • Partnership with OpenAI provides ChatGPT enterprise accounts for over 1,000 employees.
  • Mandatory “AI as an Assistant” training program enhances AI integration skills.
  • GitHub Copilot deployed to all software engineers, boosting productivity.
  • AI Academy offers tailored tracks for AI literacy at all organizational levels.
  • Schibsted emphasizes transparency and vigilance to mitigate AI risks.

Main AI News:

In a bid to equip its workforce for the inevitable integration of AI into everyday operations, Schibsted, a leading media and technology company, has embarked on a comprehensive initiative aimed at democratizing AI skills across its organization. Spearheaded by Sven Størmer Thaulow, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Schibsted, the company is paving the way for a future where AI is not just the domain of specialists but an integral tool for all employees.

At the heart of this endeavor lies a strategic partnership with OpenAI, resulting in the provision of enterprise accounts for ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, to over 1,000 employees. Unlike its consumer counterpart, the enterprise version prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring that employees can harness the power of AI in a secure and responsible manner.

Central to this initiative is the mandatory “AI as an Assistant” training program, meticulously crafted to furnish employees with practical skills tailored to maximize the benefits of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Through this program, employees are empowered to integrate AI seamlessly into their daily workflows, enhancing decision-making processes, boosting productivity, and fostering innovation.

This commitment to AI proficiency is further underscored by Schibsted’s provision of GitHub Copilot to all software engineers. Leveraging its capabilities in generating code and facilitating problem-solving, Copilot has proven instrumental in streamlining development processes, allowing engineers to focus on high-impact tasks.

Moreover, Schibsted’s AI Academy stands as a testament to its dedication to fostering AI literacy at all levels of the organization. With tailored tracks catering to diverse roles and skill levels, the AI Academy ensures that employees across the board are well-versed in the principles and applications of AI.

However, Schibsted remains cognizant of the potential risks associated with AI utilization. To mitigate these risks, the company has implemented comprehensive guidelines emphasizing transparency, professional judgment, and vigilance against biases inherent in AI models.

As Schibsted continues to champion AI adoption, it exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to workforce development, ensuring that employees are not just prepared for, but empowered by, the transformative potential of AI in the digital age.


Schibsted’s comprehensive AI empowerment initiative underscores its commitment to preparing its workforce for the evolving digital landscape. By democratizing AI skills and fostering a culture of innovation, Schibsted not only enhances its competitive edge but also sets a precedent for industry-wide workforce development strategies. This proactive approach to AI integration signals a shift towards a more agile and adaptable market environment, where companies that invest in equipping their employees with AI skills will likely emerge as leaders in their respective sectors.